First Official Shot From The Avengers

27 04 2011

The new Thor film may only be a matter of days old at this stage, but Marvel Studios aren’t resting on their metaphorical laurels and are already cranking up the pr for next year’s Avengers flick. Here’s the first official shot…

I duno about you, but I’d hate to be the one who has to help the Hulk squeeze into that chair…

As expected-the new Thor film is all kinds of awesome.The casting is impeccable, Branagh gives us as many laughs as there are explosions, the Easter Eggs are uber-cool and I was pleased to see Joe Michael Straczynski (who wrote my all-time favourite Thor run) help out with the story.

For those keeping score on these kinda things, I opted to wear my Latveria t-shirt to the screening on Monday, for obvious (or not, as the case may be…) reasons.

New Thor Footage

15 06 2010

I’m excited. Realllly wanna see how the Warrior’s Three turn out though.