Therapy? To Play All Of ‘Troublegum’ At Sonisphere

7 04 2010


Yes readers, Therapy? (pictured above, being interviewed in my house) have announced they’ll play the whole of ”Troublegum’ at this year’s UK leg of Sonisphere. While I’ve always been more of an ‘Infernal Love’ man than a ”Troublegum’ bloke, the prospect of hearing the likes of ‘Femtex,’ and ‘Brainsaw’ live has definitely brightened this writer’s day up (fuck knows how they’ll do ‘Unrequited’ though) and it looks like Therapy?’s 20th anniversery plans are coming together nicely.

Spookily enough, it was just a few days ago I decided I’d definitely be hitting the festival and after a bit of detective work I see they’re playing the same day as Maiden (August 1), so I’m a very happy bunny. For more info on the festival check out