Spider-Woman: the Verdict!

4 09 2009

It’s now been 24 hours since I first saw the Spider-Woman motion comic. 24 hours since I watched a piece of story-telling that’s intended to revolutionise the medium I know and love forever. So what did I think, True Believers? Well, it was an extremely under-whelming experience altogether. Don’t get me wrong-Bendis’ writing and Maleev’s art are tpyically top notch, it’s just that the execution doesn’t do them justice.

My main problem (as always) is with the voices. Jessica, Spidey and Agent Brand just don’t sound the way they do in my head. Plus I spent those ten minutes wishing I could just hold the fucking comic in my hands rather than be spoon-fed the events via my lap-top. I guess it all boils down to this under-current in comics today where we “have to find ways to up-date the medium.” Well I think that’s balls quite frankly. What exactly is so wrong with picking a book up off a shelf and (shock horror) using my own hands to flip the pages. As an art-form and a piece of literature-comic books are pretty much perfect.

I think it all comes from this inherent feeling in most fanboys that they have to justify their love for 8 Ball, Captain America, the Walking Dead or whatever to the mainstream. By making “digital comics,” it gives the medium a kind of false elevation that helps the unenlightened get past their “comics are for children” mentality. Well I say fuck ’em. If they’re too ignorant to accept that stories about men who turn in green monsters when they get pissed off can’t have multiple layers of story-telling then that’s their loss. We don’t need the wankers anyway.

You see I’ve never felt the need to apologise for liking comic books. Yeah, the Daredevil story ‘Guardian Devil’ still gets me a little teary, the Rick Jones “bachelor party” in Incredible Hulk #417 is some of the wittiest writing I’ve ever read and the Ultimates is possibly my favourite book ever. If you’re the kind of person who turns their nose up at that, then I can guarantee you’re a bell-end. When I was growing up there was always someone trying to take the piss out of my interests-but it’s never bothered me too much. Hell, I’ve even got an Incredible Hulk tattoo as well as two Transformers on my arms, perhaps unwittingly sending a big two fingered salute to the snobs.

So yeah, Spider-Woman the motion comic then. Will I be viewing future episodes? Aye, I probably will. But do I think this will be the future of the oldest form of story-telling in the world? Not a chance. It’ll probably be adopted as a piece of genius by all those who clutched the Dark Knight film to their chests, begging the mainstream to see comics as “valid literature,” but this writer doesn’t think the medium needs to be changed in the first place. Besides, all the best art, music and literature was created by outsiders and as long as comic books are viewed with disdain by the clueless, then that is when they’re at their most vital.