The Jim Jones Revue ‘High Horse’

29 11 2010

As it’s rapidly approaching the month of December, I’ve been asked to submit my ‘Albums of the Year’ and all that jazz for various places, and while I would rather choose to listen to the odious Gillian McKeith’s “I’m afraid of spiders” song on constant repeat than compile these types of lists, it’s an unavoidable part of the job.

Still, records by the Smoking Hearts, the Drums, Dan Sartain and more made it a little easier and one of the picks of the bunch was ‘Burning Your House Down’ by the Jim Jones Revue. This band are so far up my street it’s unreal. What a voice.

The Smoking Hearts

24 02 2010

On Monday one of my best mates emailed me, telling me about a band called the Smoking Hearts, figuring I’ll love them. Fast forward two days later and somewhat spookily my editor at NME has asked me to look after the band’s album review. So today I’ve been listening to their record ‘Pride Of Nowhere’ on constant rotation and I’m obsessed by it. It’s like Valient Thorr, Zeke and a scuzzier Hellacopters all rolled into one and it makes every other band I’ve heard over the last 6months look like dong bags.

Here’s a clip for ‘Give Em The Suit.’ It won’t be for everyone but I adore this band already.