Metal Hammer Metallica-Belfast Review

10 08 2010

Were you at the Metallica gigs a few months ago? Me too. Here’s the Metal Hammer review of the show.


The Odyssey Arena, Belfast

It’s been 22years since Bay Area’s finest last visited Belfast, but tonight they’re making up for lost time (well, kinda) with a rare show “in the round” in front of 8000 boozed up metalheads. Clearly not here to fuck around, Metallica launch straight into That Was Just Your Life backed by enough lasers to make the Decepticons jealous. It’s an unbeatable one-two punch of sound and vision, made all the more palatable due to the fact that we can’t see Lars Ulrich gurning behind the drum-kit as the venue is bathed in green.

With anticipation amped up to “13year old boy getting his first feel” levels, the house lights come on and the band blaze through The End of the Line, For Whom the Bell Tolls and Creeping Death in rapid succession. James Hetfield, looking more and more like a rockabilly version of the Cowardly Lion, addresses the crowd a few times over the night, profusely apologising for their long over-due return to Northern Ireland, but wisely lets the riffs do the talking for the most part, battering his instrument of sonic destruction like a red headed step-child during All Nightmare Long, Master of Puppets and Blackened.

 Tonight’s show is like a master-class in arena-level heavy metal. There’s pyros, flames and lasers galore, however unlike other acts, it never seems to overshadow the music. As entertaining as the eyebrow-singeing fire is, the note perfect strains of Wherever I May Roam and (Welcome Home) Sanitarium is what we’re all really here for. You can see that the band are enjoying themselves too and bassist Rob Trujuillo and Hetfield swap devil’s horns high fives like a middle aged Bill and Ted as the last half of One thrashes to a crescendo.

 As the gig is in the round, Metallica don’t bother with the pantomime theatrics of coming back on for the encore and after a quick minute changing t-shirts it’s straight into Breadfan, an utterly venomous Whiplash and traditional show closer Seek and Destroy as huge black balls bearing the Metallica logo fall from the roof (insert your own Carry On joke here, readers). It might have taken them a lifetime to come back to Belfast, but it was definitely worth the wait. [9]

Edwin McFee

Metallica-Belfast, May 11, 2010

30 11 2009

It may have taken the lazy buggers 20years to get here, but Metallica are back in Belfast next year. If rumours are to believed this gig will be their only UK/Irish performance in 2010 and there may be another date at the Odyssey on the cards, but for now content yourselves with the fact that we’re getting to see such a big band in a small (for them) venue.

MCD Presents

METALLICA – Show In The Round

Tickets On Sale This Thursday 03 December

Metallica have confirmed a concert at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast on 11 May 2010.

Tickets priced from £49 including booking fee go on sale this Thursday 03 December at 9.00 am.


Tickets on sale this Thursday 03 December at 9.00 am In person: From 100 Ticketmaster Outlets Nationwide From Ticketmaster By Telephone (24 Hour): Northern Ireland – 0844 277 44 55, ROI – 0818 719 300 Book On Line: The Odyssey Arena, Belfast Odyssey Arena Box Office: Tel. 02890 739074 Book On Line:

Note message from :

We’re jumping ahead to May as we continue to roll out the dates for 2010 a few at a time. It’s been over 20 years, so needless to say, we are looking forward to returning to Belfast on May 11 at the Odyssey. Tickets go on sale December 3 and Met Club members should check for pre-sale info.

Mr Lonely

26 03 2009

In this job I get to do all sorts. Because I don’t work for any one publication I can find myself interviewing everyone from the Pussycat Dolls to Cliff Richard to Blaze Bayley to more general lifestyle features. I have to say I prefer it that way. Man cannot live by punk rock alone afterall. Where am I going with this? Well, last month I found myself covering Akon and Coolio for Hot Press. It was….interesting.

Akon and Coolio at the Odyssey, Belfast

Picture the scene, if you will. The Odyssey is two thirds full, this writer is sitting in an area which reeks of Clearasil, B.O. and Tayto crisps and Celebrity Big Brother reject Coolio is shouting about “bitches” and “ho’s” for no apparent reason. It’s all well and good telling the crowd “this is how the gangsters do it,” but in Belfast it takes on another meaning entirely.

            For the next half an hour Coolio proves to us all without a shadow of a doubt that ‘Gangsters Paradise’ (which tonight sounds about as dangerous as an episode of Heartbeat ) will forever mark him down in history as a one hit wonder. His vocals on ‘I’ll See You When You Get There’ is about as tuneful as karaoke night at Helen Keller’s house and at one point when we see a member of Coolio’s “homies” literally struggle for five minutes trying to take his vest off, we realise that this could possibly be the worst gig in the world.

            Still, there’s always Akon to look forward to, but before the diminutive Senegalese-born song-writer comes onstage we get a short set from his transvestite DJ pal Benny D (OK, so he was wearing a kilt…). Quite frankly, Benny’s beats are wasted on the crowd, but when the headline act finally does meet his public it’s to a thunderous reception. It’s clear that Belfast loves Akon and during ‘Locked Up’ one formerly hard as nails bloke is reduced to screaming “I love you” every five minutes. It’s a sight to behold alright, but it’s quite sweet in a way. Unfortunately the same can’t be said when the rapper urged “All my Catholics in the crowd, get your x’s up” as you could hear a pin drop from the back of the venue.

            Sadly, while this writer considers himself a fan of Akon (particularly his work with Gwen Stefani and more recently Lady GaGa) tonight’s set is criminally bad. For some reason he decides to perform shortened versions of songs such as ‘I Wanna Love You’ and ‘Right Now (Na Na Na)’ and the production is, shall we say, somewhat lacking. For such a large arena, it’s a shame to see the star performing in total darkness, but that was probably a conscious decision to spare the star’s blushes at a criminally under-populated venue

            Even the ace ‘Put The Blame On Me’ sounds flat tonight and if Akon wants to become a true modern day legend he really needs to work on his live show. Still, what do I know? The knackers beside me loved every minute, but considering they also look like they love their own sisters too, we’ll take that verdict with a pinch of salt.


Edwin McFee

The new issue of Hot Press is out now by the way homies. It has an interview with Morrissey.

How’s Your Pauline?

6 01 2009

On Sunday night I ended up going to see the Mighty Boosh at the Odyssey. About this time last year I wrote that “The Mighty Boosh has not only jumped the shark,it’s made it into an Olympic event” so I was a bit wary of what was on offer.

Now don’t get me wrong. I loved the first series.I loved the zoo, the stupid jokes and all the rest, it’s just that after that it’s gone nowhere.Needless to say all the “wacky” students were there dressed up as various characters and muggins here ended up sitting behind some tool in a white cowboy hat and his female chum who made the Joker’s laugh seem sane. Fun, fun,fun….