DVD Reviews 3

11 05 2009

It’s that time of the month again. Here’s my DVD reviews from the current issue of the Big List….

DVD Reviews

Role Models

What do you get when you put McLovin’ from Superbad (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) Stifler from American Pie (Seann William Scott) and that dude who all the chicks liked from Knocked Up (Paul Rudd) together in one film? Comedy gold, that’s what. Role Models tells the story of two blokes who end up banged up in prison and their only way out is to do some community service which involves looking after some kids (thankfully, it’s not in a “Gary Glitter” type way). Possibly the funniest comedy you’ll see all year, this film is highly recommended for people who like Kiss and think dudes getting hit in the balls is funny (so that’s nearly all of us, then).


Bride Wars

While this writer has never had the, err, “pleasure” of getting hitched just yet, I understand that it’s quite a stressful time in people’s lives. Well, what better way to relive the chaos than to watch other people go through the same hell on a big screen, eh? Bride Wars features Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway as two best friends who unwittingly schedule their weddings for the same day. To be honest, this film will split people down the middle with most ladies laughing with glee as two hot women do unspeakably nasty things to each other, while the blokes will probably shake their heads and wonder what the fuss is about, desperately trying not to oogle Hathaway in her skimpy clothes. Don’t worry men. Your secret’s safe with me…



On paper-a film like Frost/Nixon shouldn’t really work. I mean let’s face it, how many movies do you know that are based around disgraced politicians and hard hitting journalists that are actually any good? I can’t think of one, until now of course. Featuring a barn storming performance from Michael Sheen as David Frost, this Richie Cunningham from Happy Days directed picture is riveting from start to finish and feels more like a documentary than a dramatized account of that legendary TV interview which changed politics forever. Good work Ritchie. Fonzie would be proud of you and no doubt giving you a double thumbs up. Eeyyyyyy.


 Underworld 3-Rise of the Lycans

What’s better than Kate Beckinsale in skin tight leather? Rhona Mitra in skin tight leather of course! Underworld 3 is actually a prequel to the first two “vampire versus werewolves” flicks and sees Mitra take over from Beckinsale with ease. Granted, it’s not that hard to mince around while posing for the camera wearing fake, blood covered gnashers but our Rhona does a great job. Plot-wise there’s nothing too taxing on offer (some dudes get hairy when there’s a full moon about and other dudes get randy whenever it’s night-time-you know the drill) but it’s a fun way to spend two hours. While we’re not exactly in the Underworld fang club (see what we did there) it’s definitely worth a watch.


 The Spirit

Proof that not every super-hero movie is going to be a success, the Spirit (based on Will Eisner’s legendary pulp hero) is comic book icon Frank Miller’s (Sin City, Daredevil, 300 etc) first foray into film-making in his own right but sadly it’s all style over substance. While Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johansson sizzle up the screen, there’s no real chemistry between any of  the performers and the plot is as limp and lifeless as a left over sausage. If you find yourself in a super-hero mood this month, we recommend you watch the much maligned Incredible Hulk starring Ed Norton instead. There’s nothing like watching a 7foot green bloke destroying tanks to put you in good form.