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5 02 2010

Every other Friday I usually spend most of the day reviewing a shedload of albums for Hot Press and today I wrote about one that is quite dear to my heart-‘Pledge: A Tribute To Kerbdog.’ I mentioned a good few months ago that I put together some sleeve notes for the project and I’ll put them up on the blog at some point, but for now I thought I’d post up the press release for the release party of the album from ( if anyone’s interested in going along.  There’s also more info here too.


From MCD.Ie-

News last updated: 28-01-2010

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‘Pledge: A Tribute to Kerbdog’ is a tribute album to legendary Irish rock band KERBDOG. Despite splitting up in 1998 and only recording two albums, KERBDOG has influenced many present day bands. The album will be released at The Academy 2 on Saturday 6th March.

KERBDOG will be in attendance.

Pledge: A Tribute to Kerbdog

This album mixes up and coming rock bands with more established acts such as Frank Turner, Jamie Lenman (Reuben) and Dave McPherson (InMe). The album also features sleeve notes from legendary producers Jack Endino and GGGarth Richardson who worked on Kerbdog’s two albums. Furthermore, the album also contains notes from Kerbdog’s Cormac Battle, Simon Young (Kerrang), Ken McGrath (Rock Sound), Edwin McFee (NME & Alternative Ulster).

This album is a tribute to a band that never received the acclaim or attention they deserved. A sentiment shared by journalists in the sleeve notes of album and the bands. Further notes from the bands can be found at


The band was formed in Kilkenny, Ireland in 1991, recording 2 albums before splitting. In 1993, the band recorded their first album ‘Kerbdog’ with Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden). Their follow-up album ‘On The Turn’ was in 1996 with GGGarth Richardson (Rage Against The Machine). However, due to repeated delays the album wasn’t released until Spring 1997, killing all momentum the band had gained. The band was subsequently dropped and their back catalogue deleted before the year was out. The following year they disbanded. Between 2005 and 2008 they have reformed to do a number of one-off shows.

Famous for blending a mix of big-heavy-catchy riffs with melodic choruses, Kerbdog, are without question one of my favourite bands and are most definitely one of the most underrated bands, ever. In my opinion ‘On the Turn’ still remains a lost masterpiece that too few have had the pleasure of hearing. I hope in some way this album goes a small way to showing how much their music has been appreciated by bands of today and introduces their music and the bands on this album to a new audience.


Full Listings

Artist Date Venue Price Time(s) Tickets
Kerbdog Tribute Sat 06 Mar 10 Academy 2, €12   Book Now

Pledge: A Tribute To Kerbdog

17 12 2009

During the summer the guys at Stressed Sumo Records asked me to write a few liner notes for their upcoming Kerbdog tribute album and I’m pleased to say that the record comes out in the New Year. There’s some great bands involved with the project and here’s the details below-

(Taken from and posted by Phil at Stressed Sumo)


Right, i can now let you know the details of the album.

It will be out at the end of February

These are the bands on the album (in no particular order)

Cars on Fire
Left Side Brain
Dutch Shultz
Frank Turner
Mike Got Spiked
Days of Worth
Jamie Lenman (Reuben)
Knievel Genius
Hold Your Horse Is
Ocean Bottom Nightmare
Dry Rise
Dave McPherson (InMe)

There may a couple of other bands on the digital release.

Sleeve notes from Kerbdog, Kerrang, Rock Sound, NME, Alternative Ulster, GGGarth Richardson and Jack Endino.

Release party in Dublin at the end of February. bands tbc.

I hope you like it – it’s taken me a long time to put it together. I’ve taken alot of care over it, so hopefully it does Kerbdog and the bands on the album justice.


A few more details for you.

Release date: 1 March

Release Party: 27th February @ Academy, Dublin. Stations, Cars on Fire and Dutch Schultz will be playing. The Kerbdog lads will in attendance.

Sleeve notes from Jack Endino, GGGarth Richardson, Cormac – on behalf of Kerbdog, Simon Young (Kerrang), Ken McGrath (Rock Sound), Edwin McFee (NME &Alternative Ulster). will soon have lots more including notes from the bands involved.

I have also included a link to in the sleeve notes.

Hope some of you can get to the gig – i am looking forward to coming over to Dublin for the weekend!