METAL HAMMER REVIEW: Mutoid Man ‘Bleeder’

31 07 2015

First off, yep, I suck balls at updating my blog these days.There are only so many hours in the day, unfortunately. I’ll try and change that though from August onwards.

Anywho, here’s a reprint of my review of the awesome new Mutoid Man album that ran in Metal Hammer.They’re playing Ireland and the UK this autumn.You should go and see ’em.





Continuing the increasingly incestuous relationship between Converge and Cave In, Mutoid Man is the brainchild of drummer Ben Koller from the former and guitarist/vocalist Stephen Brodsky from the latter. Economical in length (around 30minutes) but certainly not in ideas, their 10 track debut builds on the promise of their 2013 released EP Helium Head, adding more bite, a new bassist (Nick Cageao) and beefier production to their thrash, punk, prog and NWOBHM informed sonic assaults. Crammed with old school Tom Araya screams, unusual rhythms inspired by eight bit video games, bluesy grooves and lightning quick riffs, Bleeder is an instantly infectious slab of heavy metal thunder. Book-ended by the glorious, galloping sludge-fest Bridgeburner and the Dio-era Sabbath indebted doom-laden title track, the likes of Soft Spot In My Skull and the pummelling 1000 Mile Stare prove that their debut is much more than a vanity project for Mutoid Man and it’s as thrilling as anything they’ve put their names to in the past. Step aside Avengers, there’s a new super group in town. [8]