News From The North Week 113 (Hot Press)

30 10 2012

Here’s a reprint of my NI music news column that runs every fortnight in Hot Press.


Words: Edwin McFee


If you’re the kind of reader who loves spiky indie tunes infused with punk rock sucker-punches and life-affirming garage-y goodness then you’ll be positively cock-a-hoop at the news that Belfast’s the Alice Kona Band have just unveiled their brand new track ‘Film’ for your aural pleasure. Snootier than a classroom of six-year olds during flu season, the tune is being given away for free to coincide with their appearance at this year’s Hard Working Class Heroes festival in Dublin (they play the Merchantile on Oct 6 at 12.20am) and you can get your grubby mitts on the single via Fans of the Cribs should check them out.


Speaking of the Hard Working Class Heroes festival (which features 100bands and takes place in Dublin across three venues from Oct 4-6 inclusive) other NI acts making the trip over the border include Eatenbybears (who are at the Merchantile on Oct 6, 11pm), SertOne (Meeting House Square Oct 4, 9.20pm), LaFaro (Meeting House Square, Oct 5, 8pm), Conor Mason (the Grand Social, Oct 6, 7.50pm) and Little Bear (the Grand Social, Oct 6, 7.10pm),  so if you’re in the area check them out. For more details on the event visit


Next up, your humble correspondent has currently been enjoying having his ear-drums battered by the thunderous new Triggerman album Hail To The River Gods. A band that has been well and truly knackering necks of rock fans in their native Derry and beyond for the last few years, their third record is a suitably titanic sounding affair that’s recommended for anyone compelled by the power of the riff (‘Rise Of The Woodsmen’ especially is a future pit anthem). If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Triggerman before, imagine an aggression-fuelled fusion of Clutch’s grooves and Mondo Generator’s menace and for more information on the quartet check out


Keeping things in a heavier persuasion, the brand new NI super-group known as 7.5 Tonnes Of Beard have just recently debuted their first material online and what a suitably sick, twisted and sludge-laden affair ‘Grit’ is. Featuring a line-up that includes And So I Watch You From Afar’s Johnny Adgar, Residual Effect’s Micky Higgins and Gacys Threads’ Blane Doherty among others, the boys operate under a strict mission statement of becoming the heaviest band on the planet and the results so far is an experience that’s as nasty as an evening of passion with Julie Goodyear. Visit to check them out for yourself.