Church of Noise 5

23 06 2010

Here’s a reprint of Church of Noise 5 that ran in issue 199 of the  Big List.

Church of Noise

Local music news

Earlier this year, your humble correspondent made his way down to the Square Peg in Warrenpoint to help out judging a battle of the bands. With six acts on the bill and the prize worth £2500 it was a tough decision choosing a winner, but ultimately we gave the nod to Silhouette (AKA Shauna Tohill and her band of musical marauders). This month she releases her new single ‘Volume Destroyed’ on May 24 via VM Records (which was part of her prize) and while we have yet to hear a copy at the time of going to print, we’re sure it’s an amazing piece of work. Produced by knob twiddler extraordinaire Neal Calderwood, the release coincides with a full-on Irish tour and Shauna has also planned a special party in Belfast on May 29 to officially launch the slab of wax so keep your eyes peeled on Here’s hoping she saves us some cake.

 Remember how a few issues back we mentioned the new Take it to the Bridge festival in Banbridge ( Well it seems like the organisers have scored a bit of a coo as they’ve managed to bag themselves the Futureheads to headline the day (not literally of course, as that would be illegal). Yes readers, the Sunderland-based affecionados of tight jeans and spiky riffs are making their way over for the bash on July 3 and a little birdy tells us that our mention of the chicken burgers from Friar Tuck’s was what ultimately sealed the deal for the four-piece…

News reaches us this issue that Derry’s dance supremos Japanese Popstars have inked a deal with the mighty EMI/Virgin records. Now that they’re backed by possibly one of the largest labels in the universe, their as yet untitled second record (out June 5) should see the trio become one of the biggest acts on the scene today and we can’t think of a band more deserving. Staying with the trio for a second, they release a new single called ‘Destroy’ on May 28 and it features vocals by legendary funk punk warbler Jon Spencer (from the Blues Explosion) and very good it is too. Expect Decky and Co. to be announcing festival dates soon as they slowly unveil their plans for global domination.

Finally, if you’ve even the slightest interest in punk rock, local history, or even (gasp) politics, then we urge you to check out the fantastic documentary about the much missed venue/youth centre Giros, which was lovingly put together by NVTV. For those (like this writer) who didn’t grow up in Belfast during the 80s and 90s and also for those who perhaps have never heard the name before, Giros was a much needed home away from home for hundreds of punks and alternative kids over the years and provided a space for gigs and spoken word performances and also featured a vegetarian/vegan café. While the building closed in 2004, its spirit still lives on in some of the original volunteers and the documentary features some great interviews from the old guard and it’s well worth a watch. Check it out here

See y’all next month folks. Up the Irons.


News From The North Week 39

9 09 2009

About a  year and a half ago I jumped aboard the good ship Hot Press. Initially I was asked to write a fortnightly column about NI bands for the Hit the North section and it kinda all grew from there to being one of the main publications I work for. I’ve decided to reprint the column here once a new issue of the magazine hits the stands, so although some of the news might be a little out of date, hopefully it’ll shed some light on acts from my neck of the woods.

Below is the column from our Electric Picnic issue (Vol 33 Issue 16).


Words: Edwin McFee

We start this fortnight’s NI news with a great story about the criminally underrated Delirium Tremens. The Belfast-based four-piece have just signed a deal with Audio Ill and will be recording their debut album over the next couple of months. The DT’s have been on the rise of late thanks to their ear-gasm inducing single ‘Barabus’ (which you can hear for free by clicking on and if we get a few more like that then the band will be unstoppable in 2010. Congratulations boys!

Surf punk duo Girls Names will be unleashing two cassette tapes of material through Caff/Lick Records this month. The label has released material by the likes of Lucky Dragons and High Places and Girls Names are an impressive addition to their roster. Both tapes (named ‘C-10 1’ and ‘C-10 2’ respectively) will be strictly limited to 25 copies each and you can buy them from the band at the Black Market at the Black Box in Belfast or from the band via their MySpace Fans of Lovvers should adore what they’ve got to offer.

Derry’s Japanese Popstars are set to release a live album this September. The much loved dance act have put the finishing touches to We Just Are: Live and there will also be three brand new tracks on the slab of wax. Sep 21 is the date for your diaries and for more details keep checking

Seven-piece folky types Captain Kennedy have given their website a bit of a makeover recently. The Americana aficionados have spruced up their blog and you can find out all of their latest developments by clicking here

Fresh from playing their first ever gig, Belfast’s Uber Glitterati have decided to celebrate this latest milestone in their career by posting up a “100 per cent unofficial” remix of the Lily Allen single ’22,’ which for our money sounds better than the original. But don’t take our word for it. Go have a listen for yourself

Finally, if you’re in the North West this weekend (particularly on Aug 29) then check out Smalltown America’s mini festival This Ain’t No Picnic which takes place at St. Columb’s Hall, Derry. The all day event initially started out life in London but has since relocated to Smalltown chief Andrew Ferris’ hometown and features Future of the Left, Lafaro, Panama Kings, the Beat Poets, the Dangerfields, Spectator, Black Bear Saloon, Stereo War Favourites and Mr Ferris himself. Doors are at 3pm and it’s £8 in. 

PS-The new issue (feautring my Kasabian and Dizzee Rascal interviews) is out tomorrow, so keep an eye out.