Hot Press NI Special Out Now

29 06 2012

Yes Broskis and, um, Lady Broskis, this fortnight’s issue of Hot Press is an NI special and there’s a veritable rake of good stuff in there.I’ve interviewed INXS singer Ciaran Gribbin, the Japanese Popstars, Third Bar Artist Development and Ladyhawke (she’s not from the Six Counties, but sure let’s pretend she is, wha?), reviewed Blink 182’s Belfast debut and there’s a shed-load of other stuff in there too.There’s also a free CD, it’s a mere £2 and there’s a photo of some dude in a Smoking Hearts tee in there too.P-p-p-p-p-pick it up!

Hot Press NI Special

24 06 2009

I’ve been writing for Hot Press for a year and a half now, and while the Hole anorak in me loves the fact that I contribute to the same magazine that Courtney Love once did (well, she claims she did anyway) I’m proud to pimp out as many NI bands as I can. This issue there’s a Northern Ireland 8page special with lots of bands either interviewed/mentioned/recommended etc etc including In Case of Fire and Smalltown America interviews, short pieces on Glasgowbury, Dirty Stevie, Black Bear Saloon, the Beat Poets, Not Squares and tons more. There’s also an 18track cover mounted CD and it’s only 2quid so pick it up now.