Guilty Pleasures-the Lobotomies

25 09 2009

Next week (Friday October 2, homes) the Lobotomies, Residual Effect and Gacys Threads play the Big Gig 6(66) in the Spring and Airbrake, Belfast. Now I know you’ll all be at it, but here’s a Guilty Pleasures piece I did with one of my favourite punk bands the Lobotomies to plug the show that I thought you might like to read.  


Everyone’s got at least one skeleton in their closet and musicians are no different. Each month at the Big List we aim to find out just what they are and expose them to the nation. This month we’ve the Lobotomies singer/guitarist Kev Bones confesses to having a crush on chav loving popstrel Lily Allen. Enjoy.

“Guilty pleasures you say? This is a difficult one indeed. I play in a hardcore punk band and punk audiences unfortunately are among the most (dare I say it) narrow minded in the world when it comes to genre acceptance. Therefore a large amount of what I listen to could be considered a guilty pleasure in the eyes of those who live by the rules of punk rock 101.

Thankfully I’ve never been one to care much about other people’s opinions on my music tastes, but I can admit to feeling a little bit guilty about listening to a few bits and pieces…

Right so, it’s confession time. I’m going to come straight out and say I absolutely adore Lilly Allen. Ok, maybe she first caught my attention for reasons other than her musical talent but then after a proper listen I realized I genuinely liked her tunes too. Her first single ‘The Fear’ from her second album is a complete gem. It drew me in and I decided to check out the rest of the record and much to my surprise (and horror) I loved it! These days when I discover new music it’s mostly obscure ear-drum bashing American hardcore or thought provoking political folk singers, not English pop stars. My inner crusty punk is telling me “Don’t listen to this corporate drivel, it’s meaningless, mass produced and probably completely manufactured,” but I do listen to it anyway and I bloody love it.

Oh dear, a few punk rock scene points lost. I suppose the only thing I didn’t feel guilty about was downloading both her albums for free. I mean I’ve admitted to thinking she’s genius but I still don’t think she needs my money!”

 The Lobotomies play the Big Gig 6(66) on Oct 2 alongside Residual Effect and Gacys Threads at the Spring and Airbrake. They also launch their album ‘Big Bang Hangover’ with a gig at the Pavilion on Oct 23.

Pocket Billiards Album Launch

16 09 2009

One of my favourite Irish bands, the ska punk deities that are Pocket Billiards are launching their debut album on Oct 10 and I definitely reccommend you to check it out. A few weeks ago their band’s singer Savage featured in my Guilty Pleasures column, so I thought I’d repost it here to add to his shame.


Everyone’s got at least one skeleton in their closet and musicians are no different. Each month at the Big List we aim to find out just what they are and expose them to the nation. This month Pocket Billiards singer/guitarist Chris Savage confesses a crush on the musical stylings of the legend that is….Mr Blobby.

“I usually find that the real reason why guilty pleasures stay under wraps is down to embarrassment, so when I was asked to divulge my guilty pleasure I approached with trepidation. After all, I didn’t really want to embarrass myself, now did I? “So, which one?” I pondered.  Would it be crying every time I hear the iconic words uttered by Derice Bannock following the now famous Jamaican bobsled crash: “Sanka… you dead?” “Ya mon?”  Or would it be admitting to finding Susie Dent from dictionary corner somewhat attractive?  Nope!  Possibly cheese and onion crisp sandwiches in bed after a night out?  Nah, sure everyone does that! 

I realised I was too shameless to worry about any of those. Then it hit me. There was one thing!  One thing that was so cringe-worthy yet brilliant, that it was worthy of public airing.  I was rifling through my not so extensive vinyl collection and there it was.  The hidden gem nestling in between Barnbrack’s classic ‘Mickey Marley’s Roundabout’ and The Simpson’s ‘Do the Bartman.’ Mr Blobby’s Christmas single.   

On Dec 11th 1993 one portly diva with an obscure name stole the top spot from another well rounded operatic rocker known to many as Meat Loaf.  “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that” he sang.  “Well I will” declared the pink and yellow pie-eyed Crinklybottom-dwelling hooligan, effortlessly sailing to number one.  Yes, one of the most groundbreaking singles of all time and I own it in pristine condition, lovingly kept for all those years. So there it is, finally the weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I shall sing loud and sing proud, “Blobby, Oh Mr Blobby…”  If collecting terribly woeful music on the sly is a crime, then I am guilty as charged. All this just makes me glad that I did not find my collection of New Kids on the Block tapes prior to writing of this article.”  


Pocket Billiards play the Big Gig 5 on Aug 29. They also launch their album on Oct 10 at the Black Box with support from Team Fresh, Axis Of and Aggressors BC. Admission is £5 and tickets are available from