Mr Postie’s Been Good Today

16 08 2010

There was much excitement inside the great halls of Castle McFee this morning as the postie brought me lots of amazing Maiden stuff (yeah, I know it’s been a bit Maiden crazy on the blog at the moment, but the new album’s out today so they’ll be everywhere for the rest of the year).

First off, the lovely people at EMI sent me the promo for ‘El Dorado.’

This bad boy is super-limited and is going for between £50-£100 on ebay (not that I’d even dream of flogging it) and it’s now one of the most prized possessions in my 22year old collection. Here’s a couple more pics.

As if that wasn’t enough to get me metaphorically gooey in the unmentionables, I also received something I’ve sought for a loooonnnng time courtesy of Mr Blaze Bayley himself-a tour shirt from the first ever gig I was at (more on this here The great man also signed it (it’s from his personal collection) and I’m toying with getting my brother to hack it up and get it framed to hang on my wall.

In other Maiden news, check out next week’s Hot Press for my verdict on ‘The Final Frontier’ and here’s a pic of the event shirt they did from their recent show in Transylvania to make anyone who wasn’t there (including me) extremely jealous. What I would have given to be there. Ah well, some you win, some you lose…

Come on you Irons!