Off To Donington Tomorrow

10 06 2010

As of tomorrow (Friday, June 11) I’ll be at Donington watching the likes of Billy Idol and Suicidal Tenedencies, getting my drink on and writing some reviews. I’m back in Belfast on Monday, so I’ll reply to everyone then.

Buh bye.

Off To Download

11 06 2009

Well, after a week of cramming in two weeks work in three days, I’m about to pack my bags to fly over to Donington for Download. Ever since I was wee I’ve had fond memories of Donington. Myself and my brother Martin used to watch my Iron Maiden live at Donington video constantly (“Bruce Dickinson still ain’t tried our bucket yet”) and this year is my third time going. My first visit was in ’03 for Maiden and the secret Metallica slot where they played to a few thousand, my second was last year where KISS fuckin’ rocked it and I met Valient Himself from Valient Thorr backstage (Pic below. LOVE that band)  and this year, well, who knows what’ll happen.

I’m bringing my laptop over this year as I’m covering the festival for a mag and their deadline is Monday (will tell you more when it goes to print) so if you need me give me a holla. If not, I’ll catch up with everyone when I get back.