17 05 2009

Well readers, it’s a Sunday and I’m currently trying to take it easy here at Castle McFee. We arrived back from Dublin last night and despite my crippling hangover I was in great form from watching Therapy? tear the Academy apart on Friday. Next month I’m seeing them again at Download and by all accounts it should be a great weekend. All the boys were in great form at the after-show and Michael if you’re reading this, I’m still on for the classic rock party.

Speaking of classic rock…last week I watched my Blaze Bayley DVD and towards the end the Dark Lord of Rock asked fans of his music to show just one person the video for his song ‘Robot’ in a bid to turn more people onto his tunes. Well I’ve decided to go one better and post up the video for everyone in internet land to watch it. It won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but the 14year old in me loves it.