Mr Postie’s Been Good Today

16 08 2010

There was much excitement inside the great halls of Castle McFee this morning as the postie brought me lots of amazing Maiden stuff (yeah, I know it’s been a bit Maiden crazy on the blog at the moment, but the new album’s out today so they’ll be everywhere for the rest of the year).

First off, the lovely people at EMI sent me the promo for ‘El Dorado.’

This bad boy is super-limited and is going for between £50-£100 on ebay (not that I’d even dream of flogging it) and it’s now one of the most prized possessions in my 22year old collection. Here’s a couple more pics.

As if that wasn’t enough to get me metaphorically gooey in the unmentionables, I also received something I’ve sought for a loooonnnng time courtesy of Mr Blaze Bayley himself-a tour shirt from the first ever gig I was at (more on this here The great man also signed it (it’s from his personal collection) and I’m toying with getting my brother to hack it up and get it framed to hang on my wall.

In other Maiden news, check out next week’s Hot Press for my verdict on ‘The Final Frontier’ and here’s a pic of the event shirt they did from their recent show in Transylvania to make anyone who wasn’t there (including me) extremely jealous. What I would have given to be there. Ah well, some you win, some you lose…

Come on you Irons!

Blaze Bayley-Watching The Night Sky

7 12 2009

Blaze’s new album ‘Promise and Terror’ is out on Feb 6, 2010 and he did a live appearence on a Greek TV show recently and performed a new track-‘Watching The Night Sky.’ It’s a bit raw because it’s live TV and the track sounds like it’ll be a future classic.

Eddie’s Bar-The Photos!

7 10 2009

Well it’s a week since I’ve returned from Portugal and now I’ve some deadlines outta the way-here’s a fraction of the photos of Eddie’s Bar. Just a word of warning though for the casual reader-what follows is a fuck load of snaps of me throwing up the HORNS beside assorted Iron Maiden memorabilia, so if you don’t rock, then it’s best to look elsewhere…

I’ve wanted to visit Eddie’s Bar ever since I saw a poster for it in Woolies in Newry in about 1990. At that point I’d been a Maiden fanatic for two years and now that I’ve finally visited it, I wanna go back again.

Here’s me outside the place…

At that point I was verrrry relieved that the pub was even open. After a taxi journey of about 20minutes I was starting to get nervous that Steve Harris wouldn’t open the place at all. Thankfully he did and myslef about a dozen Maiden fans all had to sit outside and wait 2hours til they opened up at 10pm (they wouldn’t be fans of rushing themselves in Portugal). Oh, I should also add I nearly got run over by the bar staff’s car..

Anyway, once I get in I find myself a seat beside a framed Aces High poster that’s exactly like the one my brother and me had in our bedroom growing up and I begin looking at all the different Maiden nick nacks.


You may notice that we’re standing in front of a Blaze-era Maiden mural. I was really chuffed to see Bayley get as much representation as Bruce and Paul, as he fronted the band during a very difficult time in the band’s history when various UK magazines decided to put the boot in and supported Cobain and Corgan’s decidedly middle class brand of corporate “rebellion” instead of our then “unfashionable” heroes. To be honest it’s a grudge I still bear today and I’ll blog about it at some point, but enough of that. Fuck ’em-anyone who can’t admit that ‘the Edge of Darkness’ isn’t one of the best Maiden songs of all time is a tool-bag as far as I’m concerned.

Here’s me giving a wee thumb’s up to the Blaze photo, drunkenly re-enacting the time he gave me the same salute during the X Factour in Belfast.

It’s about this time where I ended up pretty trousered. After sobering up a little when they took off the ‘Dance of Death’ live DVD for an AC/DC one (why?????) we ended up being befriended by a lovely French bloke who encouraged me to drink his home brew…I ended up looking a bit like this bloke afterwards…

Oh, and if you thought you couldn’t get enough Maiden-even the toilets were themed!

From here on in it’s a bit of a blur-so here’s some photos of me having a wee sit down…


Finally, at about half 2 in the morning we got the lovely bar lady to ring us a taxi home. It was then that I befriended an extremely drunk local who said “Excuse me. I can’t speak the English very well, but how you say…..fuck the police!” Naturally enough I found this to be hilarious and I was taken home before I got into any more trouble.

Up the Irons!

The Night That Would Not Die

10 04 2009

Last October I pre-ordered a special Blaze Bayley live DVD. I got news today that’s it’s shipped and by Christ am I excited.

Here’s the message below which made me laugh


All 500 Limited Edition DVDs have now been packaged up and either shipped or due for despatch tomorrow. We thank you very very much for your patience.

We do need to inform you as well that some of the Limited Edition numbers have not been issued strictly in the order of purchase. Where possible we tried to maintain this, but as we were keen to get these despatched before the next leg of The Tour That Would Not Die, it appears that the order numbers may have been disrupted somewhat. For this we apologise.

However….all of you who have held faith in this band and have pre-paid for this DVD have enabled us to complete this project and we thank you for that. YOU are among Blaze Bayley’s 500, regardless of whatever number is on your DVD.

Your support is appreciated greatly.

See you on the road.

Albums of the Year

11 12 2008

Ok, so it’s that time of year when editors ask me to put together a list of records for their (ultimately) pontless end of year polls. I’m not really into lists/listing things in general. For some reason my brain doesn’t work that way and my idea of hell is when people ask me who my favourite interview was or what my favourite gig was. I usually draw a blank.

This week ,the new issue of AU is out and and as usual they have their end of year album poll ( Although I’m still a contributer (six years and counting next year) I didn’t enter into the spirit of things this time around and never compiled a list. “It’ll only end up the usual, predictable indie shite” was my take and guess what? I was right! Still, if that’s what people voted for, then who am I to argue? I should also add that there’s nothing wrong with indie music,it’s  just that too much of it makes Edwin an angry boy.

However, a month ago, while sitting in a Dublin hotel, I decided that since I’m still a new boy at Hot Press (nearly a year and counting) I’d put aside my misgivings on these things and send in my top 20 albums. It was all done anonymously through a feature on their website and I spent a LONG time putting it together because I just didn’t know where to start. Anyway, below is what I came up with. If you think I’ve missed something out let me know (it can be hard to remember everything when you review about 10records every single week of the year).

Anyway, without further ado, here’s Blogging a Dead Horse’s top 20 albums of the year.

1) Fight Like Apes-‘Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion.’

2)Sons and Daughters-‘This Gift.’

3)Valient Thorr-‘Immortaliser.’

4)Fighting with Wire-‘Man Vs Monster.’ (It’s been kicking around for a while but this year it was officially released).

5)Geoffrey Oi!Cott-‘The Good, the Bad and the Googly.’


7)Girls Aloud-‘Out of Control.’

8)Blaze Bayley-‘The Man Who Would Not Die.’

9)Johnny Foreinger-‘Waited Up ‘Til It Was Light.’

10)The Night Marchers-‘See You In Magic.’

11)Horrorpops-‘Kiss Kiss Kill Kill.’


13)Black Kids-‘Partie Traumatic.’

14)The Sword-‘Gods of the Earth.’

15)Imelda May-‘Love Tattoo.’

16)Jaguar Love-‘Take Me to the Sea.’


18)Mindless Self Indulgence-‘If.’

19)Guns ‘N’ Roses-‘Chinese Democracy.’ (I’m probably the only one to vote for this but I love it because it’s as mad as a bag of hammers).

20)Story of Hair-‘Cheap Rate.’


So there you have it. It’s more than likely out of order and I’ve probably forgotten the odd thing, but fuck it. I’ve always been about looking ahead rather than looking back anyway.

Onwards and upwards!