LadyHawke ‘Anxiety’ Album Review

17 07 2012

Following on from yesterday,here’s a reprint of my review of Ladyhawke’s new record ‘Anxiety’ that ran in Hot Press.


Anxiety (Modular)

Three stars

Key Track: ‘Cellophane’


As Blacks Kids, Klaxons, Little Boots and many, many others will no doubt agree-four years is an absolute life-time in music these days. With many forms of art unfortunately becoming more and more disposable, this “chip shop paper” mentality has nobbled many a promising act and this issue, 80s-inspired one woman band Ladyhawke attempts to buck that trend with the release of the tellingly-titled Anxiety. And, while she doesn’t quite reach the heady heights of past hits such as ‘My Delirium,’ she does make a pretty decent stab at conquering the dreaded “difficult second album syndrome.”


Following on in a similar style from ‘08’s much loved self-titled debut, the 10 track opus peppers the pot by adding in more of a rock feel this time around and at times the guitars are turned all the way up to 11 (‘Girl Like Me’). Lyrically, Pip Brown opens up a little more too and when she croons “I take a pill to help me through the day/I stay inside until I feel ok” on the title track, it feels like a proper, career-defining moment. With the slinky robot rock highs (‘The Quick & The Dead’) there are also a few lows though and the Chas and Dave “Joanna” on ‘Sunday Drive’ ruins what could have been a great indie pop song. Still, for all its flaws, Anxiety is a solid second album and should see Ladyhawke re-establish herself as a strong musical force.