Bye Bye 2012

31 12 2012

Yes kids, it’s that time again where we wave buh bye to the year and welcome in a new one. Instead of words this NYE,  I’ve decided to post up some pictures which sum up the last 12 months before finishing off with my top 20 LPs of 2012.

Thanks to all the bands, promoters, PRs and mates who hooked me up with records, gigs and good times.Here’s to 2013.

2012: The Year In Photos (And The Odd You Tube Link)

May 13, 2012. I’ll remember this day until they put me in a pine box.Kinda crazy to think that long after we’re dead, people will still be able to see us on this footage of City winning their first Premier league title. Can you spot me and my Da? Handy hint: We’re under the giant purple arrow….

Chilling like villains backstage at the Odyssey with the WWE alongside my brother and nephew.Also-big thanks to the Celtic Warrior Sheamus for hooking us up and being an absolute hero.

Here’s a clip of Therapy? playing ‘Exiles’ at the Tall Ships in Dublin this summer.Y’know…I might refer to myself as “the wonderful Edwin McFee” for the duration of 2013 (the quality’s amazing, eh…..?). Mad props to the Therapy? boys.

My fanzine, Generation Why, (which started the ball rolling on this mental job of mine) celebrated its tenth birthday.

There was a lot of party rocking in a variety of different places with a number of different people this year.Here’s to more adventures.

I finally got that Iron Maiden mask I’ve always wanted.

…and that Betty Banner tattoo I’ve always been looking for too.

And lastly (but certainly not, um, leastly…) here’s my Top 20 LPs of 2012.It’s been a great year for records and hopefully 2013 will be just as good. Happy New Year and Up the Irons!

1) Therapy? ‘A Brief Crack Of Light’

2) Gallows ‘Gallows’

3) Hot Water Music ‘Exister’

4) Best Coast ‘The Only Place’

5) The Gaslight Anthem ‘Handwritten’

6) Wolfsbane ‘Wolfsbane Saves The World’

7) Triggerman ‘Hail To The River Gods’

8) JD McPherson ‘Signs And Signifiers’

9) Cloud Nothings ‘Attack On Memory’

10) Hour Of 13 ‘333’

11) Cheap Freaks ‘Bury Them All’

12) The Jim Jones Revue ‘The Savage Heart’

13) Bobby Conn ‘Macaroni’

14) James Levy And The Blood Red Rose ‘Pray To Be Free’

15) Mystery Jets ‘Radlands’

16) DZ Deathrays ‘Bloodstreams’

17) Master And Dog ‘Master And Dog’

18) Band Of Horses ‘Mirage Rock’

19) Baby Woodrose ‘Third Eye Surgery’

20) Alabama Shakes ‘Boys & Girls’

Alabama Shakes Hot Press review

7 05 2012

Yep-I know-it’s been a ridiculously long time since I posted anything up.Truth be told, I’ve recently been working harder than a whore on tour with the English football team (too much?) but I’ll try and stick up bits and pieces over the weeks ahead.

First up-here’s a reprint of my review of the Alabama Shakes album that ran in Hot Press in March.



Boys & Girls (Rough Trade)

Four and half Stars

Key Track: ‘Hang Loose’


In an era where the world is left without the White Stripes and the Kings Of Leon look increasingly “tired and emotional,” it was really only a matter of time before a similarly soulful bunch of classic swamp rockers stepped in to fill the void and heavily touted act Alabama Shakes do all that and more. Boys & Girls is their debut album and it’s a bluesy, bewitching record that tries a little tenderness before kicking it out the door for some good old fashioned sexed up raunch ‘n’ roll.


Fronted by the soon to be iconic Brittany Howard, the talented performer is arguably our favourite former post-person since a man known only as Pat hung up his mailbag in Greendale and pretty soon people across the globe will be thanking whatever deity they pray to that the singer packed in her day job as she’s got a seriously stellar set of pipes. Equal parts Beth Ditto and Jack White, her croon could put goose pimples on your goose pimples and the heart-sick ‘Be Mine’ and ‘Hang Loose’ are the sound of a group who are destined to soundtrack the ups and downs of the years to come. Bye bye Kings of Leon-it was nice while it lasted.