NME Review-Iron Man 2 Soundtrack

13 05 2010

Crikey, it’s been a hell of a few weeks, workwise. Thankfully today things are starting to calm down a little. Florence and the Machine in Dublin was awesome (my review/news piece is either in this week’s NME on page 8. In the meantime, here’ s my straight news report of the show- http://www.nme.com/news/florence-and-the-machine/50928) KISS were amazing on Friday (the review’s in next week’s Hot Press), Decade of Aggression was fun (review will be published in a well known music mag next month. Will let you all know who it was for when it’s printed) and going two rounds with Metallica was hella good (again, a review will be published next month in the mystery magazine).

As well as all the work, I managed to fit in a viewing of Iron Man 2 and I was in Fanboy heaven. As well as being true to the character, it set up the Avengers really well and the soundtrack was ace too. Speaking of the soundtrack-here’s a reprint of the review I penned for the NME.


Iron Man 2 Soundtrack



Serving as both the score for Shell-Head’s second silver screen outing and AC/DC’s first ever “Greatest Hits,” the Iron Man 2 soundtrack is a 15song rock ‘n’ roll education. Granted, every track is about booze, balls and ladies with large breasts, but why change something that clearly works (are you reading this MGMT?) Plus, by re-releasing the likes of ‘Let There be Rock’ and ‘Shoot to Thrill’ wrapped up in a kiddie friendly super-hero cover, the ‘DC look set to warp a whole new generation of young minds. Think of it as a sonic fuck you to Justin Bieber. Edwin McFee


News From The North Week 52

26 04 2010

Here’s the NI band news from the previous issue of Hot Press. Enjoy.


Words: Edwin McFee

By the time you read this, the Beat Poets will be just back from South by Southwest and are currently gearing up to release their superb new single ‘One By One’ on April 19 via all major download sites. Last month we had a sneaky listen to the track and it’s definitely one of the boys’ best, making us even more eager to get a hold of their debut record once they put the finishing touches to it. The band have just confirmed dates at the Square Peg, Warrenpoint (April 17) and the Spring and Airbrake, Belfast (April 23) and are also playing alongside the Saw Doctors and General Fiasco at the Lark in the Park, Moira (May 1) too. For more Beat Poets action check out www.thebeatpoets.com.

Remember last fortnight we were moaning about not receiving a copy of the LaFaro album? Well, while we’re still sans their debut slab of wax, we can reveal that they’ve announced more tour dates, which is great news if you didn’t manage to snag a ticket for their launch on April 26 in the Menagerie in Belfast. The new dates are April 27 at the Menagerie and May 16 at the INF in Warrenpoint and we’re sure there’s more to follow in the coming weeks.

 Good news for anyone thinking about going to the Pigstock festival in Killinchy. While original headliners LaFaro have sadly had to pull out due to touring commitments, A Plastic Rose have stepped in to close proceedings. Taking place on May 29, the bash also features the likes of Swanee River, Pocket Billiards, Mojo Fury, the Lowly Knights, Gentry Morris and more on the bill and it looks like it’s should be a great day out. Tickets cost £20 and are available from the official website www.pigstockfestival.co.uk.