Hi,my name is Edwin McFee and I’m an Irish freelance features and travel journalist.

The main publications I contribute to are Hot Press, Metal Hammer and NME magazines, the Sunday Life and Belfast Telegraph newspapers and the Big List. I’ve also served as a Contributing Editor, Senior Contributor and Reviews Editor for the dearly departed AU magazine for the best part of 7 and a half years and was one of the founding architects in establishing the title during its early days.

Over the last X amount of years (great number!) I’ve interviewed pretty much all my heroes, partied with the likes of Kasabian, had swordfish dinners with the Killers, talked football and tattoos with Johnny Marr from the Smiths, hung out at DC Comics, went on tours with bands, dealt with prickly pop-stars and pro-wrestlers,covered countless festivals,visited places that I genuinely thought I’d never see and helped break acts on a local and international level.

Apart from all of that, I love horror films, spooky shenanigans and having a larf. I currently live in Belfast but am from Newry originally. I’m left handed, I’ve a broken nose, I really enjoy eating odd meats, I love punk rock, riot grrrl and rockabilly but also adore most things. I read lots of comics and have thousands at this stage, I watch wrestling (Shawn Michaels is my favourite but I also love Flair and Finlay and am quite taken with Damien Sandow at the moment too) and daft celebrity shows. I played in bands before I became a writer and published my fanzine Generation Why?? before moving on to paid work. I’m not big into lists (my head doesn’t work that way) but some of my favourite bands right now are Bully, Beach Slang, Charli XCX and many, many more.

For more info have a wee click here-  here and on Instagram @mcfeesy 


31 responses

14 10 2008


Just want to get in touch about sending you some CDs for review. Can you email me your email address and contact info? cheers mate.

Shain from One Little Indian/FatCat

14 10 2008

Hey Shain,
good to hear from you.emailed you back.anything else you need just holla.

7 11 2008

Hey Edwin.

Just stumbled across your blog. It has passed a Friday afternoon for me anyways! Good stuff.

But man, you are obsessed with the hulk! haha

Take it easy.

7 11 2008

Ah everyone needs a hobby Stephen haha.

22 10 2009
Karen Smyth

Hi Edwin. Common Grounds is 5 years old! Fancy doing a wee feature? I can get you details of gigs up to christmas and also the money we’ve given away to charities over the last five years.

Let me know if it might be a goer for you.

13 02 2010
Stone Throwing Youths

Hi Edwin,

Mostly in the same lines as the first comment, I’d love if you’d e-mail me an address to send on stuff about our band. We’re from Cork and of Alternative rock/experimental leanings.

On another note, I like the stuff you cover. don’t get much of a chance to read blogs but yours is going on my priority list!


22 02 2010

Hey folks-
heard you lot were great at the JD Set on Friday. Will pm you my email on your MySpace.

Glad you’re enjoying the madness 🙂


2 06 2010

Hello! Would it be possible for you to email your postal address?? Thanks!


4 07 2010
Naoimh O Hagan

Hello Edwin
I was wondering would you fancy having a listen maybe allow me to send you my press pack.

Hope your well

14 07 2010

Hey Naoimh, will send you an email.


31 08 2010
Jimmy Thrillwell

I came across your blog while cruzin’ the world wide interwebs and I just wanted to send you a link to hear/download the newest single from RED HOT REBELLION, For The Benefit Of Evil.
If you prefer streaming video:

RIYL: Electric Frankenstein, Nashville Pussy, Zeke, Fu Manchu, Valient Thorr, AC/DC, Supersuckers, Hellacopters, Turbonegro, Danko Jones
Genre: Blues-Punk/High Energy Garage Rock
BIO: Red Hot Rebellion has a singular goal: to return Rock n’ Roll to its loud, fast, unpretentious, and reckless roots. By combining elements of Blues, Punk, Garage, and Classic Rock, Red Hot Rebellion creates a familiar yet refreshing sound that appeals to multiple generations of Rock fans from 14 to 64. They believe music is more important than fashion. That intensity is more exciting than whining about break ups and heartache. That a Les Paul and a Marshall stack can rattle your bones and shake your blood. These ingredients all mix together in a powerful audio cocktail they call The Sound Track to a Bar Fight.

22 03 2011

Hi Edwin,
Long time no speak. Was just contacting to see if you still did some journo work for Hotpress et all? We (Jackalfeud) have an ep due to drop in the next month as well as a BBC Radio One live session coming up this week and are doing the press circuit again…you think you could help us out mate?

Email me sure either way. Thanks alot man!!

23 03 2011

Hey Ryan, yup still writing for all of the above. Will send you an email in a bit!

25 05 2011

Good man Edwin!
Wanna send you RETARDED COP”S new album, ‘You Have the Right to Remain Retarded’ for review.
Any chance of your email address.

5 09 2011
denis kelly

hi edwin, would you pm your email please ? looking to get a bit of pr up and running for debut release by Palomino. Apols for spamming you like this !

6 09 2011

Lads-cheers for getting in touch.I’ll send on my email address in a bit!

31 12 2011

Hey Edwin,

I’m a Belfast based rapper (Bee Mick See). I was wondering if I could get your e-mail address to send a few of the tunes from my upcoming album and maybe get a bit of press for a gig I’m putting on at the end of the month?



2 01 2012

Hi Brendy, cheers for getting in touch.Will send you an email now mate.

21 06 2012

Hi Eric,no worries.Good luck with the record. 🙂

17 03 2017

Hi Edwin, Have you by chance got an email for PR/Band submissions you could share. We had one email for you but I’m not sure whether it’s an old one or not. Sent to you via this email if it did arrive. Cheers mate!

27 03 2017

Hey Tom, I’ll mail you now. Cheers

27 03 2017
Ant Giannaccini

Hey Edwin – hope all’s well. Ant here from Wilful Publicity and we look after Iron Maiden as well as many more. Is it possible to grab your email address please? Should have some stuff you’ll be into.


27 03 2017

Hey Ant, good to hear from you. Will send you a mail now

3 04 2017

Hi Edwin, Hope Monday is been good to you!

Just read your review of the new Darling, Darling record today, really enjoyed the review and just streaming their music right now. Thanks for that!
Would you by chance have an email for PR/Band submissions you could share?

Thanks for your time.

All the best


3 05 2017

Will mail you now Brian!

10 04 2017

Hi Edwin,

Just want to get in touch about sending you some CDs for review. Can you email me your email address and contact info?
Thanks !

Olivier from Thirty Tigers

3 05 2017

No bother, will mail you now mate!

18 04 2017
Kevin Murray

Hey Edwin, Im with Pine the Pilcrow. We’re releasing our new single on April 28th can i send you through our press release so you can have a listen and maybe include it??


3 05 2017

will mail you now mate!

2 05 2017
Louise Barker

Hey Edwin, looking to get in touch with you with some music PR stuff, can you drop me a mail?


3 05 2017

Will mail ya now!

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