3 09 2015

Here’s a reprint of my review of the awesome new Kylesa album that ran in Metal Hammer.




Savannah sludge merchants Kylesa dive further down the rabbit hole for their seventh record Exhausting Fire. Adopting the theme of rebuilding after a particularly gruelling tour drained their batteries, the opus marks another bold stride forward sonically, whilst also nodding to their past. Continuing the trend started with 2013’s Ultraviolet, guitarist Laura Pleasants does most of the heavy lifting in terms of vocals and it’s their most layered and melodic offering yet which explores and expands upon their 80’s goth, space rock and psych influences yet still remaining thunderously heavy. The aptly named Crusher kicks things off with a bang marrying a chugging, doom-laden riff with hypnotic vocals and from there the bass-driven, Banshees-steeped Falling, the mesmerizing, mainstream-bothering, shoegaze informed Moving Day and the anthemic Lost And Confused,which features a badass riff and otherworldly backing vox, all impress. Though it is slightly front-loaded, Exhausting Fire is an incendiary album full of just the right amount of old school thrills (Shaping The Southern Sky) and experimentation (Night Drive) to delight and excite fans old and new. [8]




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