30 06 2014

Here’s a reprint of my review of Katy Perry’s gig at the Odyssey that ran in Hot Press.




It’s the very first night of pop queen Katy Perry’s mammoth 107 date world tour this evening. Not that you’d know it, mind, as the singer looks completely comfortable and at ease right from the get-go thanks to weeks and months of gruelling rehearsals. Opening with a flawless version of monster hit single ‘Roar,’ tonight’s performance is a no-expense-spared, eye-popping experience. Split into six sections (plus an encore), Perry’s Prismatic World Tour takes us on something of a musical journey through time and visits ancient Egypt, a ’90s rave and an MTV Unplugged-esque setting (to name but three) along the way, much to the delight of the capacity crowd.


Acrobats, musicians, a massive cast of colourful dancers and, at one point, a pimped up pantomime horse, share the triangular-shaped stage with the “California Gurl” all night and aside from the kinda creepy cat-themed part of the show, Katy delivers a master-class in slick arena pop, despite being struck down with a bad case of the sniffles during her 10 day stay in Belfast (“I didn’t expect it to rain as much as it does here” she offers at one point…).


A stripped back, acoustic version of the beautiful ‘The One That Got Away’ and a truly thrilling rendition of newie ‘Legendary Lovers’ steal the show for this reviewer, but the likes of ‘Teenage Dream,’ ‘Part Of Me’ and ‘E.T.’ all impress too, as does her extensive collection of wigs which are sure to make Donald Trump green with envy.


‘Firework’ ends proceedings with a bang and sees Perry deliver a powerful, goose-bump inducing vocal performance and while it may only be the first date of her tour, I’m sure that both the hardest working women in pop and her fans will remember tonight for a long time to come.






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