21 05 2014

Here’s a reprint of a review of the recent Royal Blood gig that ran in Hot Press.




Brighton-based, Arctic Monkeys-endorsed blues rock duo Royal Blood are playing their first ever Belfast gig tonight. The room is crammed with a close to capacity crowd who are eager to see a band that are very much on the cusp of big things right now and while they’ve only got a brace of singles to their name thus far, the excitement from some sections of the Limelight 2 is palpable.


Opening with ‘Hole,’ the two-piece make a ferociously heavy live sound from the get-go. Full of distorted bass and and groove-laden drums, Royal Blood bring the thunder like the mighty Thor himself, as pints shake and ear-drums quake to their neck-bothering songs. Musically, the dynamic duo have a sonic similarity to other two-piece acts such as Drenge, Winnebago Deal and the Black Keys. Loud yet melodic, tracks like ‘Figure It Out’ and ‘Blood Hands’ are sure to find favour with both indie kids and metallers and in frontman Mike Kerr they have one of the most talented and inventive bassists this reviewer has heard in quite some time.


Recent single ‘Little Monster,’ as expected, receives the biggest reaction from the audience and provokes an out-break of people dancing while slowly head-banging (it looks a little odd, but I applaud their attempts at innovation) but it’s set-closer ‘Out Of The Black’ which really marks the boys out as ones to watch. The machine-gun rhythms, powerful grooves and howled vocals of the track are a joy to hear and when it’s performed live the number certainly justifies some of Royal Blood’s recent hype.





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