METAL HAMMER REVIEW: Finntroll ‘Blodsvept’

30 03 2013

Here’s a reprint of my review of the new Finntroll record that ran in Metal Hammer.




This month, those genre-straddling, loveable lunatics Finntroll return with their sixth full length effort and it’s an opus which sees the Helsinki-based seven-piece eschew a less polished production in favour of a rawer, more visceral approach. A record which sees them continue to skillfully walk that tightrope between playful tongue in cheek nods and winks and downright mad as a bag of hammers insanity, the band’s blend of Finnish folk music, heavy metal and rock ‘n’ troll has never sounded better than is has on the 11 track affair. Opening with the ominous sound of something unearthly walking through woods, the band waste little time delivering batshit crazy sea shanties (Ett Folk Forbannat) and hellacious humppa-infused anthems (Mordinnen) and they even add some dueling banjos, which shred with the best of them, on the awesome Skogsdotter, reaffirming that underneath all the over the top schlock lies a band with real musical chops. While at times Blodsvept can get a little too ambitious (Tva Ormar features a riff that sounds just like the Inspector Gadget theme) the band hit the target more often than miss it and if you embrace the madness from the start then you’re in for a treat. [7]





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