Hot Press Album Review: Rest ‘I Hold The Wolf’

4 03 2013

Here’s a reprint of my review of the Rest record which ran in Hot Press a few issues ago.


I Hold The Wolf (Out On A Limb)

Three stars

Key Track: ‘Sol – Luna – Astra’



This issue instrumental Cork quartet Rest unleash their long-awaited second album I Hold The Wolf out into the wild and the opus is a complex and sprawling collection of eight songs which will please their long-time fans (who have waited almost a decade for another full-length offering) and new comers alike thanks to their ear-gasm inducing, almost un-pigeonhole-able sound. Flirting with virtually every rock sub-culture there is, the foursome fuse progressive with classic and math rock and even throw in some black metal into the pot just in case you’re feeling too comfortable (‘Descent With Modification’) and by the time the grandiose and imaginative affair is finished your speakers will be a quivering wreck once they climax with the epic ‘I Hold The Wolf By The Ears.’


Not an easy album to digest in one sitting (or indeed, five or six sittings), I Hold The Wolf is an ambitious, at times bombastic offering that’s a natural successor to their ’07 EP ‘Operation: Impending Doom.’ Highlights include the Sikth-y, hypnotic opening track ‘Babylon – Constructing The Cosmos’ and the sci-fi-tinged ‘Scaradh,’ which starts with odd, B-Movie synths before mutating into a groove-laden, metal-infused monster, but star of the show for this reviewer is ‘Sol – Luna – Astra’ which stands as their best piece of music to date. Essentially a tale of two halves, the song lures us in with some sweetly sinister melancholy before bludgeoning the listener over the head with some blood-thirsty riffs and the pacing throughout is perfect.


While some efforts sound a little formulaic at first (the calm intro, corrosive mid-section and composed coda trick gets slightly over-played) the sheer scope of their soundscapes is nothing short of impressive and will appeal to many a fan of instru-metal.