Metal Hammer Album Review: Car Bomb

18 02 2013

Here’s a reprint of a review of the amazing Car Bomb album that ran in Metal Hammer recently.




After an ill-fated dalliance with Relapse Records, New York mathcore bruisers Car Bomb return with an explosive, self-released opus which they’ve bafflingly dubbed W^W^^W^W. A record that features multiple moments of extreme mayhem peppered with sweet melodic pay-offs (The Seconds, Spirit of Poison) the whole experience feels a little like being repeatedly beaten over the head by the Hulk then going for a beer with Thor afterwards. The guitars and drums are locked together tighter than a hangman’s noose throughout all 12 tracks and highlights include the 49second-long hardcore influenced Auto-named and the heroic Lower The Blade, which boasts a Chino Moreno-esque vocal hook that’ll stay embedded in your brain-case for moons. There are also flashes of the late, great Dimebag (at his most experimental) on the likes of Gurrucha (string squeaks and all) shades of IDM on Magic Bullet and Gorija’s Joe Duplantier provides some welcome guest vocals on Third Revelation. Clocking in at 50-ish minutes, W^W^^W^W is the sound of a band at the peak of their powers and fans of Meshuggah should pick it up. [8]




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