Live Review:The Cast Of Cheers (Hot Press)

22 11 2012

Here’s a reprint of a live review that ran in Hot Press a while back, duuuuudes.


The Limelight 2, Belfast

With the world outside the newly named Limelight 2 currently looking like something from one of bearded boatman Noah’s worst nightmares, the scene inside the venue prior to the Cast Of Cheers’ final show of their Irish tour is definitely more appealing, with the modest crowd in attendance all excited to see the quartet unleash their very own day of (math) rockening. Yes readers, the crowd tonight may be wetter than a 15year old’s love letter, but as soon as the Dublin band kick start their set with ‘Human Elevator’ the soggy masses are warmed up and raring to go thanks to an ace hook, some punchy riffs and the all-conquering sound of a band who are as tight as Mrs Doyle’s knickers.


Currently touring in support of their second record Family, the Cast Of Cheers have been living something of a Cinderella story for the last couple of years and this evening’s performance sees them on world beating form as a result. The jerky, effervescent ‘Goose’ fizzes with frenetic fretting and playground-esque melodies, while recent single ‘Animals,’ which elicits a huge cheer from the crowd, is pure indie pop at its finest and is performed immaculately.


Speaking of the crowd, it would seem that the Cast Of Cheers’ fusion of Foals, Two Door Cinema Club, Bloc Party and Belfast’s dearly departed We Are Knives has attracted a youthful following tonight, prompting frontman Conor Adams to playfully ask them if they’ve school the next day. “Hey I’m not knocking school, school’s cool,” he offers, before launching into the spiraling opening riff of ‘Derp’ from their 2010 self-released break-through record Chariot.


Gig highlight has to be the galloping ‘I Am Lion’ which boasts spectral, echoing guitars and a decidedly Dr Who-like bassline and afterwards the band’s tour manager brings a wee chocolate cake bedecked with candles onstage and presents it to Conor as it’s his birthday today. “I can’t think of a better place to spend today than Belfast,” he offers as the audience sings ‘Happy Birthday.’ Bless.


Signing off with ‘Marso Sava,’ the samba-ified song concludes with a percussive freak-out that hints towards a very interesting future for the band and as they say their final goodbyes it feels like the Cast Of Cheers are only just getting started.