Metal Hammer Album Review: Crucified Barbara

6 09 2012

Here’s a reprint of a review of the new album by Crucified Barbara that ran in last month’s Metal Hammer.




Swedish female four-piece Crucified Barbara continue to kick against the pricks this month with the release of their third album The Midnight Chase and it’s a record which sees the group really push their Motorhead influences to the forefront. Featuring a vocalist (Mia Coldheart) who sounds a little like Brody Dalle if she grew up listening to Hanoi Rocks rather than Refused and guitars that are reassuringly meaty, their new 11 track opus is a hook-laden affair that is (at times) more explosive than a hand grenade. Opening with the punk ‘n’ roll tinged The Crucifier, the Barbs keep proceedings hard and fast and the lion’s share of the record is a sleaze-laden romp. While admittedly we could do without the fromage-fest that is ballad Count Me In, the rest of the tracks on the release represent their strongest material to date and it’s a good purchase for those who are disillusioned with the Donnas decidedly mediocre current output and indeed anyone who adores unashamedly old school rock anthems. [7]





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