Metal Hammer Review: Witchsorrow ‘God Curse Us All’

19 07 2012

Here’s a reprint of a review of the ace Witchsorrow record that ran in Metal Hammer.




Operating under the Spartan mindset of why have 100 riffs when a single colossal one will do, Hampshire doom trio Witchsorrow’s latest offering is a record that is pretty much tailor-made to soundtrack the impending apocalypse. Recorded in Wales last Hallowe’en, the opus possesses as many moments of primal pummeling as a slugfest between former UFC caveman Brock Lesnar and a velociraptor and there’s little respite from the pure unadulterated heavy metal thunder for the best part of an hour. Highlights include the heads down, no nonsense mindless demonic boogie of Breaking The Lore and the titanic, Goatsnake-esque Aurora Atra, but star of the show is the hulking title track God Curse Us All. Beginning with a suitably tension-filled sample from 80s flick War Games, the band then hit us with an (electric) funeral march that features waves of wah wah riffs which eventually make way for a super-charged, heavy as hell Sabbathy freak-out at the end. In short, if it doesn’t make you want to bang your head then you shouldn’t be reading this magazine. [7]




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