Metal Hammer Review: Hour Of 13

18 06 2012

Here’s a reprint of my review of the amazing Hour of 13 record that ran in Metal Hammer.




Comprising of seven molten tracks of doom-laden, NWOBHM-infused metal, North Carolina duo Hour Of 13’s third record is inspired by all things diabolical (think “the Devil himself,” rather than “David Cameron”) and the always welcome spectre of Black Sabbath haunts the music from start to finish. An unashamedly old school affair, 333 is massively influenced by the likes of Angel Witch and Samhain-era Danzig and it’s an epic and hellaciously heavy record that features countless twists and turns throughout 50minutes. Opening with the mighty Deny The Cross, the sprawling track sets the standard for what’s to come and from there it’s a riff-fuelled riot that never lets up for a single second. Oozing eeriness from every crevice, the likes of The Burning and Lucky Bones are mammoth numbers which feature sterling vocals from Phil Swanson that could give Kind Diamond himself the willies and his crooked croon on Who’s To Blame is worth the price of admission alone. Clearly the Devil really does have the best tunes (not that we ever doubted it, mind). [8]





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