Hot Press NI Special Out Now

29 06 2012

Yes Broskis and, um, Lady Broskis, this fortnight’s issue of Hot Press is an NI special and there’s a veritable rake of good stuff in there.I’ve interviewed INXS singer Ciaran Gribbin, the Japanese Popstars, Third Bar Artist Development and Ladyhawke (she’s not from the Six Counties, but sure let’s pretend she is, wha?), reviewed Blink 182’s Belfast debut and there’s a shed-load of other stuff in there too.There’s also a free CD, it’s a mere £2 and there’s a photo of some dude in a Smoking Hearts tee in there too.P-p-p-p-p-pick it up!

Maiden England Setlist

22 06 2012

So, last night Iron Maiden kicked off their Maiden England tour in America.Needless to say, a show based around ‘Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son’ (my favourite Maiden album BTW) is something I’ve always dreamed about seeing and after a look at the setlist this morning I’m hoping we get an Irish show next year.Failing that,I’ll just have to head over to England (it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done it, after all).

I don’t wanna spoil anything for those who haven’t seen it yet, but it looks like these gigs are going to be nothing short of amazing and here’s a wee clip from the Maiden England video to get everyone’s Friday started in style.

Up the fuckin’ Irons!

EDIT In fact-here’s some footage from their first show!

News From The North 104

21 06 2012

Here’s a reprint of my NI music news column that runs every fortnight in Hot Press.

Oh,I have some interesting news for bands from the North next week by the way…


Words: Edwin McFee

First up, I’d like to kick off this fortnight’s column with some Fighting with Wire news that is absolutely fandabbydozy (as the slightly creepy Scottish swingers the Krankies might say). Yes readers, the always awesome Derry trio have signed with London label Xtra Mile Recordings and their second album Colonel Blood will finally arrive on record shop shelves on Sep 24 (insert “whoops of joy” here). Recorded in Nashville in 2010, the band found themselves in a frustrating situation when Atlantic Records (their label at the time) essentially did absolutely nothing for the band and Cahir and Co. were in limbo as a result. After a spell spent pondering hanging it all up and going their separate ways, it would seem that everything’s turned out great for the well thought of rockers as not only have they escaped the clutches of their major label, but they’ve also managed to keep their record too and all you lovely people will be able to buy it this September. Nice one.


Speaking of well thought of rock bands, the absolutely iconic trio that is Ash celebrate their 20th birthday with a party at the Relentless Garage in London on June 17. Hosted by comedian Josie Long, the night looks like it’ll be a veritable ton of fun and any self-respecting acolyte of the pop-punkers should check it out. Happy birthday boys (and occasional girl!) and keep me some cake. In the meantime, I’ll be sitting in a corner and generally feeling grumpy because I recorded over Ash’s first demo back when I was a surly teen.


Next up, staying in county Down (where all the best people hail from *cough*) NI’s kings of classic rock the Answer have announced that they will perform their debut album Rise in its entirety at the Empire, Belfast on July 5. Hosted by the Gifted Live club night, also performing on the evening will be Bee Mick See, David Kitt, the Riptide Movement and Cosmo Jarvis and there’ll be recorded sets from General Fiasco, Shake! and Droids too. Admission is £10 and if you’re too cheap to attend, you can watch it all online at Well, that is if some of you cyber people can tear yourselves away from Tulisa’s home video of course…


Finally, news reaches us that Master and Dog have signed up with Canadian record label Matchless Minds and join a roster that includes The Man Whom, Verse Chorus Verse and Arms of the Girl. Expect their second LP to come out in September.

Metal Hammer Review: Hour Of 13

18 06 2012

Here’s a reprint of my review of the amazing Hour of 13 record that ran in Metal Hammer.




Comprising of seven molten tracks of doom-laden, NWOBHM-infused metal, North Carolina duo Hour Of 13’s third record is inspired by all things diabolical (think “the Devil himself,” rather than “David Cameron”) and the always welcome spectre of Black Sabbath haunts the music from start to finish. An unashamedly old school affair, 333 is massively influenced by the likes of Angel Witch and Samhain-era Danzig and it’s an epic and hellaciously heavy record that features countless twists and turns throughout 50minutes. Opening with the mighty Deny The Cross, the sprawling track sets the standard for what’s to come and from there it’s a riff-fuelled riot that never lets up for a single second. Oozing eeriness from every crevice, the likes of The Burning and Lucky Bones are mammoth numbers which feature sterling vocals from Phil Swanson that could give Kind Diamond himself the willies and his crooked croon on Who’s To Blame is worth the price of admission alone. Clearly the Devil really does have the best tunes (not that we ever doubted it, mind). [8]



Best Coast ‘The Only Place’

16 06 2012

Regular Dead Horse readers will already be well aware of the fact that I fudgin’ love Best Coast.In fact, such is my love for the band I even once wore one of their t shirts while getting tattooed-blood on a white t shirt be-damned! #Badass


So, yup,they’ve released a new video for their single ‘The Only Place’ and you should all watch it coz everyone needs Best Coast in their lives.

New Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Trailer

14 06 2012

Just watched the new trailer for Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron and it’s bursting at the seams with awesome-ocity.

Dinobots, Shockwave and more all beating the shite out of each other backed by a soundtrack to a cover of  ‘Cities In Dust’ by Siouxsie and the Banshees, y’say?I’m in!

I’m also happy to admit that I actually said “holy fuck” out load when I saw the reveal at the end. Looks like is out in Europe a couple of days after my birthday too….!

Trucker Diablo and Gerard i2 for Tennent’s Vital

13 06 2012

A few weeks ago I was invited down to help chose the winners of the Untapped competition and today the acts who have bagged the slots on the bill for Tennent’s Vital have been revealed. Here’s the press release.




Tennent’s Lager is excited to reveal that local rising stars Trucker Diablo and Gerard i2 will join some of the biggest stars in the world at Tennent’s Vital this August.

Moira based rockers Trucker Diablo will play the festival on Day 1 alongside Foo FightersThe Black Keys and The Minutes on Aug 21st.

Strabane Hip Hop star Gerard I2 will have the incredible opportunity to perform on the same stage as The Stone RosesFlorence and The Machineand Rodrigo Y Gabriela on Aug 22nd.

Tennent’s UnTapped is a major initiative from Tennent’s Lager that unearths and supports the best up and coming music talent based in Northern Ireland and give bands the unique opportunity to perform on the main stage at Tennent’s Vital.

In its inaugural year, 250 artists submitted their tracks for consideration to the Tennent’s UnTapped website. A prestigious panel of music industry judges then chose sixteen acts to perform in front of audiences at a series of live showcases in Belfast and Derry-Londonderry in May.  After much deliberation, the judges have now decided that Trucker Diablo and Gerard i2 are the two acts that will open Tennent’s Vital in August.


Aisling Duffy, Marketing Manager for Tennent’s Lager NI comments:

“The standard this year has been outstanding and really reflects what’s going on in Northern Ireland’s grassroots music scene.  Tennent’s are proud to be supporting these new artists by giving them this unique platform and the chance to share a bill with some of the world’s best bands. We’re sure that Tennent’s Vital fans are going to be incredibly impressed by both Trucker Diablo and Gerard i2” 

One of the judges for Tennent’s UnTapped is Joe Dougan from The Limelight and Shine Productions.  He comments:

 “I think all the judges have been hugely impressed by the talent unearthed through Tennent’s UnTapped – the live showcases were a fantastic advert for the vibrancy and diversity of our local music scene. Trucker Diablo are a thrilling live band and their sound is made for the big stage. Gerard i2 impressed everyone with the energy and originality of his performance and it’s great to see the emergence of an authentic Northern Irish hip hop star. Both acts really stood out for us and I can’t wait to see them take to the stage at Tennent’s Vital.”

Trucker Diablo formed in early 2008 and soon built up momentum through the local support of fans and strong word of mouth across the internet.  Their self-released debut album “The Devil Rhythm”, features a guest appearance from fellow Northern Irish rocker and Thin Lizzy frontman, Ricky Warwick.  The band has also won praise from Joe Elliot (Def Leppard) and Cormac Neeson (The Answer).

Gerard i2 is a talented hip hop MC and lyrist from Strabane.  He’s already won much acclaim for his blunt, honest and thoughtful lyrics on the album ‘What I Like and Love’ and he’s picked up support  from both Radio Ulster’s Across the Line and BBC Radio 1 Introducing.


For more information about Tennent’s UnTapped please visit: and