DVD Review: Iron Maiden ‘En Vivo!’

29 05 2012

Following on from yesterday’s Maiden bloggage, here’s a reprint of a review of their recent DVD ‘En Vivo!’ that ran in the Big List a few months ago.

DVD Review

Iron Maiden-‘En Vivo!’


Filmed in front of over 50 000 screaming fans last year at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago, Chile as part of their insanely successful Around The World In 66 Days Tour, En Vivo! is metal legends Iron Maiden’s latest live DVD and it captures the mayhem and utter  magnificence of one of their gigs perfectly. Boasting a near flawless set-list filled with classics and new material, the two disc collection brings Eddie and the boys into your living room in spectacular style and is a must-watch for anyone who likes it loud. Maiden maniacs will also adore the 88 minute documentary Behind The Beast on the second disk and the sneak peek at the day to day life of the Killer Krew is as insightful and it is entertaining. With the Irons not making it back over to Europe until at least another year, En Vivo! serves as a fine alternative to experiencing the spectacle firsthand and is an essential purchase for both fans and new-comers alike.




2 responses

1 06 2012

I’ve got the CD – I need to see the DVD.

6 06 2012

You won’t regret buying a copy, mate.It’s awesome!Up the Irons!

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