The Number Of The Beast Voted Best British Album Of The Last 60 Years

28 05 2012

Yes folks, the second album I ever bought (the first one was ‘Killers’) has been voted by the general public as being the best British record in six decades. I’ll always remember the first day I head ‘The Number Of The Beast.’ We were having a Christmas party in school and a friend of mine brought in his big brother’s copy of the album on tape. I was in Primary Five at the time, it was 1988 and I was nine and it fucking blew me away. A few weeks later I used the money my Granny gave me for Christmas to buy myself my own copy for £3.99 in Sounds Good in Newry (the tape is pictured below).

Now, ‘The Number Of The Beast’ isn’t my favourite Maiden album (that would be ‘Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son’) but I’ll always remember how I felt the first time I heard Bruce belt out ‘Invaders’ while I stood by the tape desk in Mr Bell’s class to make sure no-one put on shite like Michael Jackson instead, and it’s an absolutely seminal LP from start to finish and I’m happy that it’s getting the recognition it deserves.

Press release is below.Up the fucking Irons!

ron Maiden’s landmark Heavy Metal album of the Eighties The Number of the Beast has been voted the best British album of the past sixty years in a major survey of fans and the wider British public.

The Number of the Beast tops the album poll with a 9.2% share of the total albums vote — a potent reminder of the passion and loyalty of their fanbase and of Rock and Metal fans in particular.  See Notes to Editors for more details.

This landmark recording, which, to date, has sold over 14m copies worldwide and features the anthemic UK top-10 single Run To The Hills, is significant not only for giving the band their first UK no.1 album, but for the debut of their lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson, who comments: “We’re astonished and delighted to hear The Number of the Beast has been named No.1 in HMV’s Diamond Jubilee survey for the greatest British album category. Some of the most influential and classic albums from the past 60 years were in the running so it’s a testament to our incredibly loyal and ever-supportive fans who voted for us. Iron Maiden is a proudly British band, so to win this category as voted for by the British public, in Jubilee year, is very special.  Thank you to all our wonderful fans!

HMV’s Gennaro Castaldo, comments: “You often tend to see the same artists and albums dominate album polls, but with social media increasingly giving the most ardent and passionate fans a powerful voice, I think that’s all going to change, and so it’s no surprise that Iron Maiden have come out on top as their fans are renowned for being the most loyal and dedicated around.  Congratulations to Iron Maiden — we now know The Number Of The Beast is, I fact, ….1.

“The beginning of Elizabeth II’s reign, and the bright new future it represented, didn’t just coincide with a flowering of British popular culture, it helped to provide the very spark that lit the touch-paper for an explosion in music and film talent.  Since then, the Queen has presided over the richest period of cultural achievement in our nation’s history, so it’s only right that her Diamond Jubilee, which ironically also encapsulates sixty years of the official charts, should be a period when we reflect on the greatest British albums and films of the past six decades.”

The top 10 also features Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon — as voted for by Prime Minister
David Cameron in HMV’s poll, Queen’s A Night at the Opera, Oasis (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? and the cultural phenomenon that is Adele’s 21, which is the only album currently in the Official UK Charts top-10 to make it into the poll.  Just outside of the top 10 are a number of other iconic artists/albums including Led Zeppelin IV, The Clash London Calling, David Bowie The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, The Smiths The Queen is Dead,
Black Sabbath’s self-titled album, Radiohead OK Computer and Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.  Featured in the top 30 are acclaimed albums from the likes of Take That, Elbow,
The Who, Coldplay, The Sex Pistols, Muse, Amy Winehouse, Joy Division and The Stone Roses.




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