Saviours ‘Death’s Procession’ Metal Hammer Review

14 11 2011

So a week or so ago I had to put together my top 20 albums of the year for Metal Hammer and in between all that MTV nonsense I managed to assemble a pretty great list I have to say.I’ll post it once it runs in the end of year issue, but I will say that ‘Death’s Procession’ by Saviours featured pretty highly.Here’s a reprint of the Hammer review I wrote a month ago-




Skillfully treading that tightrope between cliché and classic, Saviours’ fourth record is a head crushingly heavy, booze-fuelled riot of a release that sees the Oakland mob go back to the drawing board in a bid to push their Sabbath, Maiden, Lizzy and NWOBHM influences further than ever before. Cooler than a walk-in freezer full of Fonzie’s, Death’s Procession is an absolute riff-fest from start to finish with vocalist Austin Barber’s Lemmy-like lethargic rasp providing the perfect compliment to the spiraling space jams. There are plenty of highlights on the eight track LP but the one-two punch of the punk-laced Crete’n and God’s End (which features a stellar solo from Earthless axe-man Isaiah Mitchell) in particular is an unbeatable combination. The doom-ish stomp of Earthen Dagger will appeal to anyone who is compelled by the power of the riff while Walk To The Light is another future classic in the making that boasts a great Children Of The Grave-esque groove and a killer vocal hook that helps round off their unashamedly retro record in style. [8]





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