Iron Maiden Belfast Review

27 09 2011

Here’s a reprint of my review of the Maiden gig from August that ran in the Big List-

Gig Review

Iron Maiden at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast

It’s been 15 long years since Iron Maiden last stepped out onto a Belfast stage and it seems as if absence really has made the city’s heart grow fonder as tonight the Odyssey Arena is sold out and crammed to the rafters with thousands of Maiden-loving maniacs (much to the chagrin of local, to cool for school nay-sayers…).

Unlike other bands of a similar vintage (*cough* Metallica *cough*) this evening’s set is very much about the here and now and we’re treated to no less than five tracks from their current chart-busting record ‘The Final Frontier.’  ‘The Talisman,’ ‘Coming Home’ and more are perfectly performed by the six-piece who bound around the stage like a band half their age. Of course some of the old classics are aired too and the likes of ‘Two Minutes To Midnight’ and ‘The Evil That Men Do’ sound as fresh now as they did nearly three decades ago when they first came out.

Frontman Bruce Dickinson is as charismatic as ever as he tells us all about his dream of ‘Maiden World’ while belting out ‘Fear Of The Dark’ and the anthemic ‘Blood Brothers’ and bassist Steve Harris is possibly the coolest man ever to tread the Odyssey stage. Of course no show would be complete without Eddie and he appears twice throughout the set and the sight of his giant zombie-fied bonce slowly peering over Nicko McBrain’s drumkit during set closer ‘Iron Maiden’ will live on as one of the best moments in the venue’s history.

 As they sign off with the classic ‘Running Free,’ a rather languid looking inflatable Lucifer sits and watches the band from the right hand side of the stage and before we know it, Iron Maiden are drinking Guinness and mucking around before waving their goodbyes to us all, safe in the knowledge that their reign as the kings of metal is far from over. Up the Irons.

Edwin McFee



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