Arthur’s Day Play On The Day Shortlist

16 08 2011

Over the weekend I spent a good deal of time listening to demos as I was on the judging panel for the Play On The Day mega-competition that’s currated by Hot Press.Myself (and a few others) were charged with the task of whittling down the acts to a final 25 to represent the north of the island (yes that includes Donegal, Cavan etc) and this morning those names were revealed and put up for public voting. Nice to see some old and new faces on the list…here they are in alphabetical order:

The North
(All of the province of Ulster)
Allison and Soulantics – One More Moment
Cathal King & Pauric Carney – Up and Down
City of Stars – Magic Cape
Clubbed Foot – Good Get Right
Comply Or Die – Shanghaied
Eatenbybears – Vanderhoof
In Elegance – The End
Katie and the Carnival – Went To The Fair
Like Statues – A Journey To Speak Of
Miss Paula Flynn – Holiday In Sweden
Mojo GoGo – Romance In The Lie
Nine Lies – Save Me
Paul Casey – Big World
Red Light Inferno – Envy Glorious Envy
September Cross – Closer to the Edge
SertOne – Off The Burn
Shawn Morrow – Found Something
Shouting At Planes – Surrender
Suzanne Savage – Damage
Swanee River – Gypsy Promise
Terence Rowlands – Zen
The Bandits – Vicious Little Missus
The Making – Beautiful Tonight
The Popgun Plot – Svengali
Young Aviators – Life in the Front Seat

You can vote for any of the acts above (and the others that represent the south, east and west of Ireland) here–Play-On-The-Day-Competition/8126246.html?new_layout=1