Big Picks Oxegen Special

28 06 2011

Each month in the Big List I write a column dedicated to new and up and coming bands and as it’s festival season once again, I figured I’d reprint the Oxegen special that ran a few months ago.

Big Picks-Oxegen Special

Doing exactly what it says on the tin (or headline in this case) our Big Picks column will present to you three acts that are on the cusp of something special and give you the lowdown on where you can find out more. This month, we take a look at some of the bright young things performing at this year’s Oxegen (


The Naked And Famous

Who are they? Kiwi five-piece the Naked and Famous were included in the BBC’s Sound Of 2011 list and their debut album ‘Passive Me, Aggressive You’ is an electro-pop gem.

What do they sound like? The band call to mind MGMT before they crawled up their own arses and their break-through single ‘Punching In A Dream’ could provide one of Oxegen’s “festival moments.”

Where can I find out more?


Jenny and Johnny

Who are they? Erstwhile Rilo Kiley front-lady Jenny Lewis has teamed up with her main squeeze (and acoustic rock troubadour in his own right) Johnathan Rice for some alt-pop shenanigans and their debut ‘I’m Having Fun Now’ is a great soundtrack for the summer.

Who do they sound like? A heady call and response heavy slice of outsider pop, Jenny and Johnny really assert themselves as one of indie-rock’s power couples with their swooning debut.  

Where can I find out more?



Who are they? Another of the BBC’s so-called Sound Of 2011, Nashville-based Mona peddle a fine line of swaggering rock that’s sure to get many pulses racing this festival season.

What do they sound like? Their self-titled debut is due out in a month’s time, but we’ve had a few exclusive spins and it has hit written all over it (not literally of course, as that would be daft…).

Where can I find out more?