Tennent’s Vital Rumours

19 05 2011

Ok, so since I posted up the press release for this year’s Tennent’s Vital I’ve been receiving hundreds of views a day, specifically from people wanting to know details of the line-up. The official announcement is being made on May 25, but I figured it might be a good idea to flag up some of the likely contenders on here.

At the time of writing, I’m currently in the dark when it comes to which acts will be playing the event in Bangor and while I knew last August that it would be returning in 2011-that’s about the only thing I was aware of for definite. So, just for fun, here’s a few educated guesses. Oh, and I must stress-this list is mere speculation. While I’m probably going to hear who’s performing at Vital this year before May 25, it’s strictly embargoed, so I won’t be mentioning it until that date….

Anyway-here’s my picks…

My Chemical Romance

They’re playing Reading/Leeds a few days later so they’re in Europe, they’ve a massive (and youthful) following and, perhaps most importantly, promoters MCD have already booked them for this year’s Oxegen which means a trip to Bangor could also be on the cards.


Pulp have been mentioned by a few of the more, um, mature music fans as being a contender for this year’s Tennent’s Vital-but the big question is-will the majority of festival go-ers actually remember them/know who they are? There’s also the fact that they’re playing at Electric Picnic this year (which isn’t promoted by MCD) and may have had to sign a contract stating that that will be their only Irish show of the year. Now before any Tom Elliott types get all hot and bothered and also brand me “scum” for suggesting there’s a link between the north and south of Ireland (controversial I know…) these types of contracts can be quite common, but here’s hoping Jarvis and Co. do make it Bangor as it could be a fun bit of nostalgia.

The Strokes

The Strokes are another popular choice for headliners and they’ve made no secret of their love of NI, so I can this happening. Especially since they’re playing Reading/Leeds and are free on both of those dates.


Another act Playing Reading/Leeds and another band who can fill Ward Park are Muse. They haven’t been to NI in a while, so maybe the time’s right?

The Black Eyed Peas

Could 2011 be the year the Black Eyed Peas make their inaugural visit to NI? They’re certainly big enough to headline Tennent’s Vital, their booking agents and MCD have worked together many times in the past and their world tour is continuing to roll on. Who knows…?


Now Bono’s back is on the mend and there’s a new album on the way, U2 could be a surprise announcement for this year. While admittedly it’s an outside bet, the fact that the band haven’t played in NI in moons alone makes it a potential go-er…


He’s playing V Festival in England a few days beforehand…

Two Door Cinema Club

While the Bangor natives aren’t quite headliners just yet, expect the hometown heroes to be announced on the supporting line-up at some stage.


So there you have it. Personally speaking I would love to see a rock/indie day and then a pop/mainstream day just to keep things fresh (I though the year they had Scissor Sisters and Kings Of Leon as headliners worked brilliantly) but we’ll see what happens. Oh, and if any bookers are reading this-try and get Best Coast to play too! They’re ace.

For more information on the festival check out www.tennentsvital.com



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