Dan Sartain-Legacy Of Hospitality

20 04 2011

Eagle-eyed readers of my Twitter may recall that yesterday I was sent a free keg of beer. Well, today my postie has once again pulled out all the stops as he has delivered me the new Dan Sartain album ‘Legacy Of Hospitality’ and accompanying film (courtesy of the good people at One Little Indian).

I have to say I’m really looking forward to watching the movie and the free 3D glasses are a nice touch too! At the moment the so-called Skinny Man is on tour and Irish readers can catch him at the Crane Lane Theatre, Cork on April 27, McHugh’s in Belfast on April 28 and the Button Factory in Dublin on April 29. He’s also playing a bunch of dates around Europe too. ‘Legacy Of Hospitality’ is out on April 25.

If you’ve never seen him before you should make sure to check him out. Here’s a reprint of my review of his last album that ran in AU to get you in the mood.


Dan Sartain

Dan Sartain Lives (One Little Indian)

After enduring an apparent lifetime to hear some new material from Dan Sartain (ok, it was four years) the Alabama-based riff-slamma finally unleashes his knowingly-titled third record ‘Dan Sartain Lives’ this month and while he doesn’t change the formula too much, it’s an opus of effortlessly cool proportions. Perhaps the best thing about the album though, is the fact that it’s so devoted to the retro sound it could have been recorded in any decade from the 50s onwards. Hell, you can almost hear the valve amps wheeze with exhaustion during the rockabilly stomp of ‘Atheist Funeral’ and ‘Those Thoughts.’ However, Sartain is far from being a one trick pony. The brooding waltz of ‘Bad Things Will Happen’ is both sexual and sinister and the canny lyrics of ‘Yes Man’ assert that the musician has little time for being “cool” or in fashion and both are definite highlights on an album that is a more than welcome addition to his rapidly growing legend. While some folk might say his sound is cliché, we like to think of it as classic.


Download: ‘Atheist Funeral, ‘Bohemian Grove,’ ‘Bad Things Will Happen’

For Fans Of: The Night Marchers, Link Wray, El Vez