Anna Calvi Review

7 04 2011

Earlier this year I reviewed the debut album from Anna Calvi for Hot Press and if you love Nick Cave and Roy Orbison (and let’s face, who doesn’t?) you should check it out. Here’s the review.

Anna Calvi

Anna Calvi (Domino)

Four out of five

By no means an immediate record, hotly tipped songstress Anna Calvi’s debut is a subtle slab of wax that took three years to make from start to finish. Having already won over the likes of Brian Eno, Nick Cave and Interpol with her dark laments, the Londoner’s sound lies somewhere in between Jeff Buckley and PJ Harvey, but after repeated listens, Ennio Morricone and Diamanda Galas influences (as well as the more malevolent side of 50s rock ‘n’ roll) also come to the fore in her bewitching brew.

 ‘Desire’ is a wide-screen, epic tune that sizzles from start to finish, ‘Suzanne And I’ is a belter of a song that really shows off her deep croon and ‘Blackout’ is as menacing as it is mesmerizing. For all of the silver screen sparkle of ‘Desire’ though, she does almost fall off the tightrope with the dull as dishwater album opener ‘Rider To The Sea’ and ‘Morning Light’ is a little too maudlin for this reviewer. On the whole though, Calvi’s self-titled debut is a moody masterpiece that manages to sound much more than the sum of its parts and if it’s good enough for old Nick, it’s good enough for the rest of us.

Key Track: ‘Suzanne And I’

Edwin McFee



2 responses

11 04 2011
Kev Feazey

Nice post. The album is very very good. Did you see her on Later with Jools Holland? I must say I was slightly less impressed. Still good but it highlighted how good the production on the album is.

20 04 2011

Yeah, I caught that dude.I think she’s definitely more of a studio-based artist than a live act.

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