Hammer Of Hate Label Profile

5 04 2011

Here’s a reprint of the Hammer Of Hate round-up I did for Metal Hammer.

The Rest in Pieces

Hammer of Hate

Formed by the fantastically named Impaler Von Bastard in 2005, the loud and proud Sacrilegious Impalement might have only just got around to releasing their debut Cultus Nex [7] this month, but it is a seriously brutal slab of brimstone. Boasting meaty riffs and ear-battering death metal vocals, the record is recommended for fans of Hellhammer and Bathory.

Sielunmessu [5] by Vitsaus is an album that has been years in the making, though you’d never guess it when you listen to all five tracks on this run of the mill, unengaging black metal offering. Conjured up by duo Inho and Vainaja, the record is a typically icy, badly produced affair that is by no means the misanthropic masterpiece they were hoping for. Still, the (whisper it) jaunty rhythm and spiky riffs of ‘Ylosnousemus’ proves that they can give us the odd surprise when they want, but unfortunately those moments are few and far between.

Talking of surprises, bum-baring black metal banshee Possessed Demoness has delivered a truly tortured and twisted collection of threnodies under the Anguished moniker and her debut Cold [8] proves that the genre isn’t just a club for boys. Performing everything herself (bar the drums) the record tells tales of sex, Satanism and suicide and sees the multi-instrumentalist deliver a heroic vocal performance that ranges from pain-inflicted shrieks to more mournful and melodic musical passages. Gripping stuff.

Russia’s Evangelivm are Hammer of Hate’s first signings that don’t hail from Finland and their debut Nightside Of Eden [7] aims to “poison the world with the wisdom of the ancient serpent” (we’re guessing they must have really loved Nigel Havers on I’m a Celebrity then). Comprising of six tracks, the mysterious duo have created a menacing piece of work that really takes off when the raise the tempo.

Made up of anonymous band members, Beelzebub’s B.F.F.s Valoton’s debut Beastificate [7] is an aggressive aural assault brimming with hellfire and venom that might put traditional black metal fans’ noses out of joint due to their penchant for death and thrash elements, but the rest of you will love this thrilling, pro-Satan slab of wax.

Edwin McFee



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