Dukatalon Interview

2 04 2011

Here’s a reprint of an interview I did with Isreal’s Dukatalon for Metal Hammer. Their album is ace. You should check it out if the power of the riff compells you.



Recorded over a period of three days and adhering to a strict penny-pinching budget, Israeli psychedelic sludge metal troop Dukatalon’s debut release Saved By Fear is a monstrously heavy opus that sees the four-piece relish being “the square pegs in a round hole” in their country’s metal scene. However, while the trio love plowing their own path at home, they’ve also got their sights set on conquering the world at large as singer/guitarist Zafrir Tzori explains.

“Most of the metal heads in Israel are not into the kind of metal that we do. There are some good heavy bands that we love to play with live, but that’s about it. We really love our local crowd, but getting big inside of Israel was never our goal. We always put our efforts to get to as many people in the world.”

 Signing to Relapse Records over the summer of 2010 will of course help their campaign no end, and hiring esteemed knob twiddler Billy Anderson (who has worked with the likes of Sleep and Eyehategod in the past) to give Saved By Fear an extra polish turned out to be a master-stroke.

 “We always wanted to work with Billy and I have known him for a while. We kinda wanted to get the heaviest sound out of extremely vintage gear and I think we achieved that.”

“We had so many influences when we were making the record,” continues Zafrir. “We wanted it to be heavy, but still keep the old school and psychedelic vibe. We’re always inspired by mystic stuff and we wanted it to be heard on the album too. Musically speaking, bands like Saint Vitus, Entombed and High On Fire (as well as other metal, hardcore and 60s and 70s psychedelic acts) influenced us for this record. As a band we couldn’t be happier with the final result.”



Zafrir Tzori (vocals, guitar), Yariv Shilo (Drums), Lior Mayer (bass).


A thrilling mix of sludge and stoner, with a side order of 70s era psychedelia thrown in for good measure.


Saved By Fear (Relapse Records, 2010)