Just A Quick Note From Me…

28 02 2011

…Nope I haven’t forgotten about y’all, it’s just beena  bit crazy deadline-wise for the last few weeks and on a related note, there’s something cool coming up in Metal Hammer in a few weeks time that’ll definitely interest some of the regular readers here….Anyway, I’ll go into depth once it’s published.

Thanks to anyone who voted for me in the Irish Blog Awards this year by the way (I was nominated for ‘Best Blog From A Journalist’). Yiz are awful nice.

Right, I’m off back to the deadlines, but before I go, here’s a video for the Faces’ cover of ‘Twisting The Night Away.’ You should definitely hunt down the studio version as it’s just perfection. What a band, what a voice…If I had to pick an all-time top ten song list-this baby would definitely be in there somewhere. If you’re ever bummed out, you should stick this on and it’ll sort you right out.