The Clash At Demonhead

20 01 2011

Last night I watched Scott Pilgrim Vs the World for the second time and I’m pleased to report that it’s possibly even better than my first impressions. Having initially been left a little lukewarm due to the lack of Envy Adams’ screentime (my favourite character from the comic series) I didn’t seem to mind too much about the main focus being on Scott, Ramona and Knives and the jokes are actually funnier with repeated viewing. In fact, I’m now in lesbians with it (is that a spoiler? I dunno…).

One of the best scenes in the film has to be the performance of Envy’s band (the Clash At Demonhead) though. The track is absolutely stunning and I can’t stop singing it, so here it is below. As a sidenote, the song was written by Metric and I wish that information was made public when I interviewed Emily from the band a while back, but I’m sure I’ll cross paths with them again at some point…

Anywho, here’s the song.




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20 01 2011
Scott Edgar

I’ve seen it a few times now and totally agree that it gets better with repeat viewings. I was so taken aback with the visual extravagance that I missed a lot of the more subtle one-liners.

“Now you’re just a has-bian”… Classic!

It’s not often that a movie manages to tick all the boxes for me, sometimes there’s a killer story let down by a poor soundtrack or low budget casting and shoddy effects, but Scott Pilgrim has it all.

A little more Envy wouldn’t hurt though…

20 01 2011

Tell it to the cleaning lady on Monday!

Yeah, the first time around I was sitting waiting for the bits in the comics I liked and I ended up overlooking some of the other stuff.

I’m actually looking forward to watching it again in a few months time.

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