The Fit Finlays

3 12 2010

Tonight at 7.30pm on Setanta Sports, the long-awaited documentary on NI wrestler Fit Finlay makes its debut. It’s a shame I don’t have the channel as I’d love to see it. Here’s the trailer.

I’ve always liked Finlay. Not just because he came from here and made his way to the top of his game on a global scale by doing things his way, but also because he really paid his dues in the world’s second oldest profession and unlike others, it hasn’t changed him too much. I remember the first time I went to see the WWE about 9 years ago at the Odyssey and I even made a large, green “I’m Here For Fit” sign. Yes, I am obviously way cooler than I’m given credit for…

Anyway, here’s another clip from the show and it sums up exactly why I love wrestling so much. Basically you either “get” the athleticism, humour and downright weirdness, or you don’t. Naturally enough, the aforementioned “English pig” Steven/Willian Regal and Finlay are the best of mates in real life.