When My Big Green Arm Met The Big Show

15 11 2010

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely people at Aiken Promotions hooked me up with ringside seats at the Odyssey for Smackdown. I have to say I had a blast and it was great sitting beside the likes of Drew McIntire’s and John Cena’s family for a really superb house show. My mate Davey sent me on some of the photos from the night and imagine my surprise when one turned up of me (well, my green forearm) about to give the 7ft, 500 pound Big Show a high five. The dude was seriously sweaty.

Here’s a few more pics including a cool one of the Show, the Nexus invasion at the end where we had about 30 wrestlers in the squared circle all at the same time and the emergence of Hornswoggle from under the ring

It was also cool hearing long suffering ring announcer Tony Chimel receive his own chant from the fans and Davey papped the mic-botherer mid-way through one of the events. Needless to say he’s now seriously considering a career in local point and clickage.



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