19 10 2010

As of today, your humble correspondent is basically homeless and I will be in limbo for about five weeks or so. While I’m officially moving house this week into the bachelor pad of my dreams (and by “dreams,” I mean somewhere £100 a month cheaper), my landlord is currently repainting the new place and moving in new beds, furniture and the like and even though I will have somewhere to hang my hat this time next week, thanks to the hopeless organisation skills of Virgin Media, my telephone line and internet connection won’t be up and running until November 19 (yes, fucking NOVEMBER) “when they’ve a free technician.” What that means of course, is that I can’t work/earn a living due to Virgin Media’s shoddy situation, so I’ll be flitting around for the next 5 weeks between Belfast, Newry, Dublin and America for the foreseeable.

If any editor/PR can’t track me down, please bear with me and if anyone needs my new address then get in touch.

In the meantime, I’ll more than likely be walking around like Bix Bixby at the end of the Incredible Hulk TV series until Virgin Media get their finger out.