Therapy? Live Album Exclusive

9 09 2010

This week I’ve started to work on coverage for the upcoming Therapy? gig in Belfast on Oct 15 (as well as the new live album) and everything’s going to plan so far. The handy thing about freelancing for about 10 different publications is the fact that I can help give a band I believe in a bit more exposure than a staffer could on one publication and it helps spread the word a little bit further. Yesterday I finished writing up a piece (from a fan’s perpective) on Therapy?’s legacy for the Belfast Telegraph, today I’m putting the finishing touches to an interview I did with Michael McKeegan for the Big List and at some point later on, myself and the AU head honcho’s will be figuring out some T? related coverage in a future issue too. Chances are there’ll be a few other things coming out as well, but will blog about it when details are confirmed….

Anywho, let’s get back to the Big List interview. As it’s a Northern Irish publication a lot of fans won’t get to see the interview, so I thought I’d post up a small excerpt that confirms the title of the new live record. I’ll post up the full blown feature when the new issue comes out.


What’s the status on the live album?

MM: “The live album is going to be called ‘We’re Here To The End’ and should be out end of October. It’s a 2 disc epic so I imagine there should be something on there for every Therapy? fan. We pretty much touched on every era of the band’s career.”

You’re going to perform ‘Troublegum’ in its entirity in Belfast soon. Are you planning on recreating Lesley Rankine and Eileen Rose’s vocals on ‘Lunacy Booth’ and ‘Femtex’ respectively? If so, will you be bringing in guest vocalists or will you be making Neil wear tighter trousers in order to hit the high notes?

MM: “Mate, tighter trousers? We’re currently up to the tightest men can muster! Let’s just say there may be a few special guests at the show.”

Looking back on ‘Troublegum’ now, how do you feel about that period in the band’s life?

MM: “To be honest the whole thing was so hectic we didn’t really get a chance to take it all in. The record was recorded over a period of time in various studios so we always were doing shows and buzzing about so there’s no real ‘defining’ memory for me. One very cool thing I do remember was hearing the final mix of “Stop It You’re Killing Me” on a cassette Walkman on a plane to Germany, Andy had finished up the vocals and I had yet to hear it. As the plane took off the middle 8 kicked in and I nearly shat my pants it was that good. At that point I had the inkling that the record was going to be pretty amazing.”


So there you have it. The new album will be called ‘We’re Here To The End’ and it’ll be out soon. The full interview will be out in issue 203 of the Big List and it’s out next week.



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