Metal Hammer Live Review: Garcia Plays Kyuss (Dublin)

9 09 2010

I do love a good Vanessa Feltz joke..

Garcia Plays Kyuss

Andrew’s Lane Theatre, Dublin

When seminal stoner rock band Kyuss imploded back in ’95, they left behind a legacy that is pretty much unparalleled even to this day. Sadly for many here in Andrew’s Lane Theatre though, they never got to hear those songs played live before thanks to a combination of age and geography, so it makes tonight’s Garcia Plays Kyuss show that much more momentous when the former frontman steps out onstage to destroy our ear-drums with the thunderous Thumb. Backed by a band that are as solid as Vanessa Feltz’s bed-frame, their performance is a bit like Kyuss karaoke and for the next hour and a bit John Garcia dusts down the diabolically heavy likes of Hurricane, Gardenia and Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop as Dublin sings along to every word. While it’s heart-breaking to see Josh Homme continue to fanny around courting the corporate mainstream with Queens of the Bland Age instead of rejoining his first band, it’s not all bad though, as finally hearing these songs live and in person is utterly life affirming . Not surprisingly Garcia is having as much fun as the crowd and is justifiably hailed as a God during set closer Green Machine. If tonight has taught us anything, it’s that good songs might get a little old sometimes, but great songs will live on forever. R.I.P. Kyuss.  [8]

Edwin McFee




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