Hit The Road, Jack

30 09 2010

This weekend I’ll be joining Jettblack and Reckless Love for an on tour feature, so if anyone needs me, I’ll get back to you when I’m home (and probably sporting spandex trousers).

Pretty Girls Make Graves

25 09 2010

For some reason I always end up forgetting how much I love/loved this band. Their music (particularly their debut ‘Good Health’ ) always brings me back to an exciting (and shit) time in my life around 2002/03 where I was living in a glorified squat that didn’t have a working lock on the front door and I was making my fanzine (Generation Why) not knowing if I could make an income from writing about music and generally paying my dues. In retropect, it was a really fun period but it didn’t feel like that at the time…

Anyway, I got to interview the band a few times and saw them twice in London, once in Glasgow and once in Punchestown and here’s some videos from the dearly departed group for your viewing pleasure. I still get goosebumps when I hear the opening bars of ‘Speakers Push the Air.’

Iron Man 2 Alternative Opening

24 09 2010

With the Iron Man 2 dvd coming out soon, I thought I’d post up the original opening for the film with hints at the beginning of the famous ‘Demon in a Bottle’ storyline.

Walking Dead Airs on FX Channel On Nov 5

13 09 2010

You may remember a few weeks ago where I wrote about the Walking Dead spin-off TV show (if not, here’s a handy linky https://edwinmcfee.wordpress.com/2010/08/25/trailer-for-the-walking-dead/). Well, it looks like Sky viewers in the UK and Ireland will be able to watch episode one of the series on Nov 5, a mere six days after it airs in Yankland. NOICE!

Blogging A Dead Horse Is 2

11 09 2010

Yes readers, it’s two years to the day since I started Blogging A Dead Horse. I must say I’m just a wee bit proud of the fact that it’s lasted this long.  If anyone wants to send me this badass looking cake as a way to say congratulations then get in touch and I’ll  send you my address…

I’m Outta Here Like I Stole Something

10 09 2010

As the Ice T inspired headline suggests, I’ve left Ireland behind for the weekend and am over in Manchester for City V Blackburn. If anyone gets in touch, I’ll get back to you on Monday when I’m less “mad for it” as the natives might say.

Therapy? Live Album Exclusive

9 09 2010

This week I’ve started to work on coverage for the upcoming Therapy? gig in Belfast on Oct 15 (as well as the new live album) and everything’s going to plan so far. The handy thing about freelancing for about 10 different publications is the fact that I can help give a band I believe in a bit more exposure than a staffer could on one publication and it helps spread the word a little bit further. Yesterday I finished writing up a piece (from a fan’s perpective) on Therapy?’s legacy for the Belfast Telegraph, today I’m putting the finishing touches to an interview I did with Michael McKeegan for the Big List and at some point later on, myself and the AU head honcho’s will be figuring out some T? related coverage in a future issue too. Chances are there’ll be a few other things coming out as well, but will blog about it when details are confirmed….

Anywho, let’s get back to the Big List interview. As it’s a Northern Irish publication a lot of fans won’t get to see the interview, so I thought I’d post up a small excerpt that confirms the title of the new live record. I’ll post up the full blown feature when the new issue comes out.


What’s the status on the live album?

MM: “The live album is going to be called ‘We’re Here To The End’ and should be out end of October. It’s a 2 disc epic so I imagine there should be something on there for every Therapy? fan. We pretty much touched on every era of the band’s career.”

You’re going to perform ‘Troublegum’ in its entirity in Belfast soon. Are you planning on recreating Lesley Rankine and Eileen Rose’s vocals on ‘Lunacy Booth’ and ‘Femtex’ respectively? If so, will you be bringing in guest vocalists or will you be making Neil wear tighter trousers in order to hit the high notes?

MM: “Mate, tighter trousers? We’re currently up to the tightest men can muster! Let’s just say there may be a few special guests at the show.”

Looking back on ‘Troublegum’ now, how do you feel about that period in the band’s life?

MM: “To be honest the whole thing was so hectic we didn’t really get a chance to take it all in. The record was recorded over a period of time in various studios so we always were doing shows and buzzing about so there’s no real ‘defining’ memory for me. One very cool thing I do remember was hearing the final mix of “Stop It You’re Killing Me” on a cassette Walkman on a plane to Germany, Andy had finished up the vocals and I had yet to hear it. As the plane took off the middle 8 kicked in and I nearly shat my pants it was that good. At that point I had the inkling that the record was going to be pretty amazing.”


So there you have it. The new album will be called ‘We’re Here To The End’ and it’ll be out soon. The full interview will be out in issue 203 of the Big List and it’s out next week.

Metal Hammer Live Review: Garcia Plays Kyuss (Dublin)

9 09 2010

I do love a good Vanessa Feltz joke..

Garcia Plays Kyuss

Andrew’s Lane Theatre, Dublin

When seminal stoner rock band Kyuss imploded back in ’95, they left behind a legacy that is pretty much unparalleled even to this day. Sadly for many here in Andrew’s Lane Theatre though, they never got to hear those songs played live before thanks to a combination of age and geography, so it makes tonight’s Garcia Plays Kyuss show that much more momentous when the former frontman steps out onstage to destroy our ear-drums with the thunderous Thumb. Backed by a band that are as solid as Vanessa Feltz’s bed-frame, their performance is a bit like Kyuss karaoke and for the next hour and a bit John Garcia dusts down the diabolically heavy likes of Hurricane, Gardenia and Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop as Dublin sings along to every word. While it’s heart-breaking to see Josh Homme continue to fanny around courting the corporate mainstream with Queens of the Bland Age instead of rejoining his first band, it’s not all bad though, as finally hearing these songs live and in person is utterly life affirming . Not surprisingly Garcia is having as much fun as the crowd and is justifiably hailed as a God during set closer Green Machine. If tonight has taught us anything, it’s that good songs might get a little old sometimes, but great songs will live on forever. R.I.P. Kyuss.  [8]

Edwin McFee

Teaser Trailer For The Wicker Tree

8 09 2010

So…they’re making a sequel to one of my favourite films of all time-The Wicker Man. Whether it’ll be much cop (pun intended) is anyone’s guess, but without the amazing Christopher Lee I’m not sure how good this will be. Still, here’s the trailer for it and as it’s made by the architect of the original masterpiece it might just surprise us. Well, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway….

News From The North Weeks 61 and 62

7 09 2010


Words: Edwin McFee

Belfast-based riff behemoths LaFaro continue to steamroll their way to the top of the NI band food chain this fortnight with the announcement that they’re set to play at this year’s Reading and Leeds festivals. The four-piece will appear at the BBC Introducing stage and perform at Leeds on August 28 and Reading the following day. Also playing on those days are Blink 182 and Weezer, but since both those bands disappeared up their own bum holes years ago you’ve no excuse not to check out Johnny Black and Co. In other LaFaro news, the boys have been chosen to support seminal post hardcore heroes Helmet on their first European tour in yonks. Taking place over the months of November and December, the boys play Belgium, Holland and more and we can’t think of a better support act for Page Hamilton’s crew.

Turning our attentions to festivals at home, the always entertaining Joe Echo (plus full band) are slated to appear at this year’s Electric Picnic. After wowing the crowds at Oxegen, Mr Echo is all set to repeat that success with a performance on September 3, which also just so happens to be the release date of his new single ‘Tilly’s Cowboy’ and mighty fine it is too.

 If the recent gig by Iron Maiden and upcoming Irish dates by Guns ‘N’ Roses have whetted your appetites for destruction (see what we did there?) then check out the brand spanking new rock night called Hanger 18 which launches in the Pavilion bar in Belfast on August 20. Promising a slightly heavier music policy (think Pantera rather than Poison) the night begins at 9.30pm and rumours of a reduced cover charge being offered for anyone turning up in a patch-laden denim and leather outfit aren’t confirmed at the time of going to press (we joke because we care). The organisers are also planning another rock night called Redeemer (which is sponsored by Scuzz TV and Metal Hammer magazine) in the same venue and that kicks off on August 28 too.


Words: Edwin McFee

Sludge loving post punks Comply or Die have re-entered the studio this fortnight to begin work on the follow up to their epic self-titled debut album. Early reports indicate the band are experimenting with longer song structures-albeit delivered in their own unique louder than everyone else fashion-and bassist Ian Pearce tells us that some of the new material is being ear-marked for an up-coming split cassette (remember them? No? Just me then…) with the Slomatics. Comply or Die are also gearing up to play a secret gig in a half finished bungalow which boasts an adjoining medieval graveyard in early September too. At the moment the trio are keeping the exact details to themselves, though we do know that it’s near Ballymoney and if you bribe their singer Michael with enough Icarus Line singles, then he’ll sing like a canary.

The mighty Trucker Diablo have just released their new record The Devil Rhythm and you’ll be pushed to hear a better classic rock album all year. Already a hit with their faithful followers, the album can be bought from the band directly at www.myspace.com/truckerdiablo. In other TD news, the boys have featured in a recent Facebook campaign to get them to support Thin Lizzy when they play in Belfast next February. Click on http://www.facebook.com/TruckerDiabloSupportPage if you’d like to see the riff monsters share the stage with Ricky Warwick and Co.

This September, the North Coast’s Under Stars & Gutters aim to beat those back to school blues by re-releasing their whole catalogue for free via American label Death To False Hope Records. While there are no official dates available at the time of going to press, keep checking www.myspace.com/deathtofalsehoperecords for punky goodness.

Speaking of new releases, the Beat Poets have penciled in October 4 for the launch date of their new single ‘Gravity.’ While we haven’t heard the recorded version of the tune yet, we’re sure it’ll repeat the success of their mainstream breakthrough track ‘One By One.’ The Poets’ VM Records labelmates Silhouette are also celebrating the news that their superb single ‘Volume Destroyed’ has just been added to Cool FM’s daytime radio playlist. Shauna Tohill and Co. will be joining the likes of Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon and the Killers on the airwaves and we can’t think of a better act to show the mainstream pop/rock world just how it’s done. For more news on Silhouette and the Beat Poets check out VM Records’ website at www.myspace.com/vexedmusicrecords.